Monday, March 4, 2013

Visiting Kielce...Sunday March 3, 2013

Because we now have four Elders serving in Kielce, the Branch chapel has been moved. We have a larger apartment we had rented for the Elders in Kielce where the Branch had been meeting. That is no longer the case. We have rented a temporary site as we look for something permanent.  Elders Meherg, Neuner, Baranowski and Lanham arrive early to set things in order.
Things are looking good.  For the second time in a few months, we had a new chapel location lease all ready to sign and things didn't work out.  So for the time being, we are renting a conference room as we find the perfect location which will allow the Branch to grow.... a central spot with easy accessibility.
We felt a wonderful spirit in the Branch today even though many were out of town or not able to attend.
It is always good to attend and visit with Ella, my dear friend.
Branch missionary coordinating meeting was held this morning with Elder Neuner, Elder Meherg, Marcin and President Najberg.
President was with Elders Lanham and Baranowski taking supplies back to their apartment and beginning interviews with this companionship.  In all, it was another wonderful day at Church in Kielce.  We love to come to the Branch and see everyone.  They are doing such great things, and President Najberg always has things in order.  We know that having four missionaries in this city will be a blessing for everyone.

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  1. Your eye is looking a lot better, Sister Nielson! God speed :)


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