Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We have a new Senior Couple!!!!

It's always a great day in the mission field when we receive a new Senior Couple.
This couple comes with not only years of Church service experience, but this is their 2nd mission. They served their first with the Haitian people in Florida. Let's meet them......
This is Elder Tufts. He arrived excited and ready to go to work.
He was soon followed by Sister Tufts!  This great couple is from Soda Springs, Idaho. Remember Elder and Sister Harding who served in the Warsaw II Branch? The Tufts have lived across the street from the Hardings for the past 30 years! Now, both families have a great love for Poland. There are no coincidences!
First things first......
As with our younger Missionaries, the first stop once you hit the ground in Warsaw is to visit the Best Mall and get your pictures taken to start your legal work. We also took the Tufts to the grocery store to start introducing them to Polish culture.
Back at the Mission Home and after a good meal, it was time for the Tufts to find out where they would be serving.........Are you ready?
Elder and Sister Tuft will be serving in the beautiful city of Gdansk! What a great place to serve a mission.....among great Saints, in a great Branch, in a sea-side city! I know it will be 'love at first sight' on all accounts!
The next morning, Elder and Sister Hutchinson, our wonderful Office Couple come to the Mission Home to orient our new Missionaries. The Tufts receive lots of information regarding their apartment, their car and their new phones. There was only one thing that was forgotten!
So, we took care of it as the orientation meeting progressed! We didn't want this great couple to start out on their 5 hour journey without a way of communicating with us!
All packed and ready to head out! Elder and Sister Tufts, welcome to the Poland Warsaw Mission. We love having you here to help us spread this wonderful message that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. Thank you for leaving those you love behind for a short while as you serve the Lord and these great people of Poland. Have fun.....and drive safe!

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