Monday, March 11, 2013

The interview trip continues....

Good Morning, Katowice!! The sunshine we enjoyed last week is gone.  Being in Katowice, this may be fog or just 'interesting' air quality.  Today I know it's just rain and a little snow.
We finished everything in Katowice (interviews, planning visits and checking up on things in the branch). Now it's on to Krakow this morning.
I always love the variety of bridges we have in Poland.
We met the great Elders in Krakow (Elders Szymanski and Stockford) for lunch before our interviews.
These great missionaries have wonderful things going on in this exciting branch.  They had a baptism last week and are working hard.  We met back at the chapel for interviews and reviewed their planners.  The branch just purchased some items to spruce up their primary. It's wonderful to see all that happens behind the scenes.  We love these Elders.  Then it's off to Wroclaw...
On the way, we passed under this bridge, walkway or conveyor belt.  I am not sure what it is for.  They have connected train cars together, and it stretches between factories across the highway for some distance.
We arrived in Wroclaw and for once there wasn't a lot of snow.  The weather was cold, but we still had time to walk once around the Rynek before the night events started.  Wroclaw has my favorite Rynek.
We were able to visit with the Cielinski family tonight.  President Cielinski is the Branch President and does about everything.  He and President Nielson got into this long conversation about this simple item President is holding that keeps the pizza box from smashing  the pizzas.  Sister Cielinski and I spent our time talking about the finer things of life.
The next morning was Sunday, and our Missionaries are there bright and early waiting for investigators to arrive. As we travel the country on this interview trip, we are the Pony Express....carrying mail, important documents from the office AND the Dobra Strona, our monthly newsletter.
President Cielenski is already here in the Branch President's office getting ready for Sunday. Helping him is his sweet daughter, who is really growing up!
Sunday School. Ula (center) taught the class today and did a wonderful job. Thank you, Ola, for doing a great job translating for me. Some of the class members:  Mariusz, Sister Malinowska, Brother Lee and Gabrysia.
Nursery: Sister Zan with the nursery children (ages 18 months-3 yrs) drawing, playing and eating snacks. What a great church job!
Primary: The Nursery is invited in for sharing time. The older kids are such great helpers with the little ones.
The Zan family....These great parents are raising 3 future missionaries and leaders of the Church. These boys did a great job in church today.....but it's time to go home! This picture always makes me smile because it reminds President and me of years past with our own family.
Branch Council Meeting meeting in the Family History Center.
Elders Stumpf and Elder Weir with one of their Investigators who had come to church for the first time. He stayed the entire time, met everyone and expressed how happy he was that he had come. He had a great day at church and could feel the spirit in our meetings and with the members.
Sister Smithee and Sister Ence had just finished a lesson with one of their investigators. Ula had come on the lesson to bear her testimony of the principle of tithing and how it blesses her life in all ways to pay it.
With church meetings, interviews and visiting coming to a close.....'s back on the road....AGAIN! 
We traveled through an area of Poland that had 10 kilometers of this red and white fence alongside the road. I was looking at it, thinking that it reminded me of Christmas and candy canes when....
...on the side of the road we passed REINDEER!  Christmas in March! I love it! We see so many interesting things traveling the highways of Poland. A few hours later, we come to our destination....
Here in Poznan, President will be able to interview missionaries from Szczecin as well as Poznan. Monday night is FHE and Tuesday Zone Training with the Szczecin and Poznan missionaries being instructed by the Zone Leaders from Bydgoszcz.  What a great life we have in Poland!

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