Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mission Tour/Zone Conference Begins....Katowice

Our final Mission Tour was conducted by our good friends, Elder and Sister Schutze. The best way to tour and meet all of the great Missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission is during Zone the Schutzes accompanied us around the country...and off we went!
The KATOWICE ZONE: (Top row L to R): Elders Weir, Lanham, Baranowski, Neuner, Meherg, Stockford. (Middle row): Elders Stumpf, Brown, Rittmanic, Dopp, Hayes, Sisters Smithee, Ence, Holmgren and Packard.  (Front row):  Elder and Sister Reed and Sister and Elder Schutze. Now, let's meet them by Districts.
 The Wroclaw District: Elder Weir (District Leader), Elder Stumpf; Sister Smithee and Sister Ence.
 The Krakow District: Elder Meherg, Elder Neuner, Elder Szymanski (District Leader), Elder Stockford, Elder Baranowski and Elder Lanham.
 The Katowice District: (Back Row): Elders Dopp and Hayes (Zone Leaders), Elder Rittmanic (District Leader) and Elder Brown. (Sitting): Elder and Sister Reed; Sisters Packard and Holmgren.
 After a morning of great instruction from President Nielson and Elder and Sister Schutze. It was a great day to be in Katowice, and the Elders are ready to apply the things they have learned.  First, it's lunchtime and having great manners...
 ...the Sisters in the Poland Warsaw Mission always go first.   Sisters Ence, Smithee, Holmgren and Packard.
 Then it's the Elders' turn.  Elders Hayes, Szymanski and Neuner.
 A big THANK YOU to the Reeds for the delicious lunch, snacks and sack dinners that we had on the road that night to the next city.
 A Zone Conference lunchtime tradition....celebrating the recent birthdays with a round of "Sto Lat", the Polish birthday song, and a bag of homemade cookies! Celebrating this time were:  Elders Brown, Reed, Rittmanic, Baranowski and Weir.
 And finishing the rest of lunch were Elders Lanham, Stockford, Stumpf and Mikolyski.
 Our great Katowice Branch President, President Urban (yellow tie), joined us for part of this Zone Conference.
Following our Zone Conference, a Leadership Training meeting was held.  Those attending were Elders Neuner, Tiner, Mikolyski, Elder Manfred Schutze, Hayes, Szymanski, Dopp and Rittmanic.
It is always fun to walk into the Katowice Chapel and see this wonderful site-  the missionary plaque for Elder Adam Nowak who is now serving in the England Birmingham Mission.  He is missed but what a great example he is to all.
We enjoyed a wonderful day with the Katowice Zone.  It started to snow during the day and now we have a long drive to Poznan for the Bydgoszcz Zone Conference tomorrow.  (As it turned out we drove to Lodz and had to spend the night because of driving conditions.  We got bed by 11:30pm on day #1 of the Mission Tour.)

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