Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Visiting 2 District Meetings in one day!

What are two very happy Missionaries who serve in Lublin doing in Warsaw? Elders Kennedy and Mikolyski are here for District Meeting. The Lublin Elders travel into the Warsaw II District Meeting every other week to keep up-to-date on training. Other Missionaries in the Warsaw II District all show up at the same time: (LtoR): Elder and Sister Jensen, Sisters Mann and Forsey, and the Office Elders-Murphey, Tanner and Gudnason. (The Office Elders are always popular because they bring 'much loved' mail!) With the Assistants (Elders Krzyminski and Myler) showing up, it's almost time to start the meeting. But first... One last group picture in front of the Wiktorska (WarsawII) Chapel. In the front row are Elders Pofelski and Siebert (District Leader) who were inside setting up for the meeting. This is a dynamic district. Great hard working Missionaries! But President and I won't be attending their meeting...We just stopped by to say 'hello'. We have an appointment somewhere else.... You didn't guess McDonald's, did you! We are actually heading over to the Wolska Chapel where the Warsaw I District is holding their District Meeting. Since it is a 'travel day', the Bialystok Elders will be there; and President needs to interview them. So, why not bring a surprise? (It's also a Holiday in Poland and the only place we could find open was Micky D's).
Everyone was delighted with 'Big Macs' and fries! Another great group of hard-working, 'plan, teach and find' by the spirit Missionaries! (Lto R): Elders Ball and Walter (Bialystok), Jensen (District Leader) and Manwill, Fletcher and Hancock (Zone Leaders).
We have just a little 'down' time (2 hours) before heading to the airport to pick up a great new Senior Couple! Gotta go!

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