Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We have a new Senior Couple...the Sheleys Arrive!

Meet the Sheleys...a great couple from Caldwell, Idaho, who have called to spend the next 18 months in Poland building the Church. Sister Sheley...followed by her husband... Elder Sheley. This couple is excited to be in Poland, and they are ready to serve in whatever capacity (and city!) the Lord needs them in. After getting a good night's rest, everyone was up early the next morning. Elder and Sister Peck from the Mission Office were at the Mission Home to orient the Sheley's and get them started on their legal work. Before heading on the road, we ran to the Mall for Residence Card photos AND this much needed piece of equipment....a GPS! Elder Sheley was thrilled to see that his bank cards were working in Poland. It's time to put the Sheley's in the car and start them down the road to their new assignment.
And where are they going to serve? WROCLAW...a beautiful city in the south western part of Poland. The members and missionaries alike will be excited to meet this great new couple! Welcome to Poland, Elder and Sister Sheley! These next several months will be life changing! We are so grateful for the spirit this great Senior Couple brings. What a blessing it is to have Senior Couples that will serve anywhere and do whatever you ask of them. The only question they ask is, "what can we do to help you?" It is so rewarding to hear of their testimonies and support.
Thinking about serving a mission? Every couple should have an opportunity to do so. What a way to thank the Lord for all he has blessed you with! Get your papers ready...and come and serve with the thousands of Senior Couples around the world. This church is true!


  1. Thank you, President and Sister Nielson, for giving us such a warm welcome, and such a great sendoff to the beautiful city of Wroclaw. We are loving our first week in Poland!
    Elder and Sister Sheley

  2. Yay, pictures of my parents on their mission! It is so great to see them with name tags and ready to get to work in Poland. They are hard workers, for sure. Oh, how I love them! Thank you for posting this for all of their family to see!

  3. Thanks for the post, we love to see our parents and grandparents serving the cause of truth. All missionaries are a great example of service for us, especially the ones we know and love. Enjoy!

  4. Great to see first pictures from your mission. Looks like you are in great hands. Thank you for your great example and service.


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