Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Karol...getting ready for his mission!

This is the Zloty Terrace Mall (aka: the Bubble Mall) at night. It is located downtown in the middle of Warsaw with the main train station on the left, the Stalin building on the right, the Marriott Hotel in front of it and the InterContinental Hotel behind. It is a 'happening' place and is always busy. It is the perfect shopping mall to get a missionary ready for a mission...they have just about everything! As Karol and I were there shopping Monday morning for his missionary needs, we happened to look up and saw this 'interesting' sight. At first glance they looked like flies on a window...but a closer look showed.... ...these were window washers cleaning the 'bubbles'. Cool job! But we didn't have time to watch them all day; we had much to do. After making sure Karol had the 'perfect' missionary suit, we went over to the tie section. Wait, why buy ties here when the best ties in the world are made by Adam?! So we headed over there later....
The next day, Tuesday, was District Meeting, and we headed to Warsaw I...with Karol, of course.
The Missionaries of the Warsaw I District: Sisters Sheahan and Peterson; Karol and Elders Fletcher (Zone Leader), Pofelski (on exchange), Jensen (District Leader) and Manwill. Much Polish was spoken during 'role plays' today as Elders Manwill and Jensen taught the 'perfect Polish investigator', Karol. After District Meeting, it was back to work for the Sisters. They are teaching some incredible people right now and can't wait to find more!
Not only was it District Meeting, but it was an important day in Karol's life. This was the first day of his 'mini-mission' which will last one week and then on to the real thing! Karol with Elders Pofelski and Fletcher in front of the Zone Leader apartment.Elder Fletcher has that 'It's going to be a great week!' look on his face! And it will be!
Getting back to the mission home, we have another exciting thing happening today. Sister Steadman who was released from her mission in March paid us a visit with her sister and her parents. It is so great to visit with our former missionaries. We are excited to see how they are continuing to progress and see that their love for the Polish people has not diminished one bit. It was fun to visit with the Steadmans and "Sister" Steadman. We love all our Missionaries....current and former....and we always will! Miracles are happening EVERY day here ... we feel your prayers!

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