Thursday, May 3, 2012

May's Zone Leader Council Meeting.

Meeting monthly with the Zone Leaders in the mission is always a great experience. These good Elders are diligent in making sure 'the water gets to the end of the row' in regards to what is discussed. Standing: (L to R): Elders Basha and Waits (Katowice Zone); Elders Hancock and Fletcher (Warsaw Zone); Elders Sorn and Hooker (Bydgoszcz Zone). Sitting: Elders Krzyminski and Myler (Assistants). As I was putting my camera away, I noticed this unexpected act of making sure this Missionary 'looks the part'! Good job, Elder Waits, for making sure you looked like a representative of Jesus Christ. Today is a holiday in Poland....that means EVERYTHING is closed. What do you do with 8 hungry Missionaries? You feed them at your house. And that is what we did! We celebrated Cinco Di Mayo 2 days early with chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa and chips.
Being the 'time-efficient' Elders that they are, dessert was ice cream 'on the road' as they headed back to the Mission Office...a .7 Kilometer walk. We love these missionaries (and all of them in Poland) and know they are serving valiantly and talking with everyone.

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