Thursday, May 24, 2012

Warsaw Zone Conference............May 2012

The WARSAW Zone. Great Missionaries....Great Spirit! This is our last conference for these Zone Conferences. It has been so fun to see and visit all our missionaries this week. Everyone is happy, healthy (except one small insect bite) and ready for the work. Here are our valiant missionaries of the Warsaw Zone by Districts... The Warsaw II District. Sitting L to R: Sisters Holmgren and Forsey; Elder and Sister Jensen (YSA); and Elder and Sister Peck (Office couple). Standing L to R: Elders Siebert (District Leader), Mikolyski and Hancock (serving in Lublin), Gudnasen and Tanner (Office Elders); Top: Elder Basha and Elder Myler (Assistants). The Warsaw I District: Sitting: Sisters Peterson and Sheahan; Standing (L to R): Elders Fletcher and Curtis (Zone Leaders), Elders Jensen (District Leader) and Manwill, Elders Ball and Walter (serving in Bialystok). The Lodz District: Sitting (L to R): Sisters Masters and Mann; Sister and Elder Tarasevich; Standing (L to R): Elders Tiner, Szymanski, Johnson (District Leader), and Murphey.
Getting ready for Zone Conference takes a lot of effort.... The Zone Leaders, Elders Fletcher and Curtis, arrived early to get the food organized. I was very impressed with all that they did....great 'Buki Break' Elders! Elder Curtis has great culinary talents and Elder Fletcher loves to eat healthy. A great combination for getting all the food ready. Meanwhile, out in the Cultural Hall, Elders Ball, Walter, Tanner, Gudnasen and Pofelski with the help of Sisters Forsey and Holmgren were getting tables and chairs set up for the lunch break. The Elders and Sisters in Lodz and Lublin were still on their way or they would have helped also. And... the chapel, President Nielson was going over some last minute details for the Conference with Elders Basha, Myler, Curtis, Siebert and Fletcher. We had originally planned this conference in the Warsaw II chapel but we moved it back to the Wolska Chapel. Partly because of the great atmosphere of this wonderful meetinghouse and the Chapel has great air conditioning. It has been quite warm lately. It was a great decision to meet here again. After morning meetings, it was time for some lunch and some visiting. Here the Sisters enjoy getting together and getting to know each other. (L to R) Sisters Holmgren, Peterson, Sheahan, Masters, Mann and Forsey. Elders Szymanski, Fletcher, Pofelski, Johnson, Tanner, Curtis, Siebert, Manwill, Gudnasen and Mikolyski. Elders Murphey, Tarasevich, Jensen, Godfrey (who is a great help to the Missionaries), Hancock, Tiner, Basha and Myler. After lunch, it was back to the chapel for more instruction. Sister Tarasevich is explaining the Revised English program that the Missionaries will be teaching soon. She and Sister Jensen did a marvelous job of explaining things all in 15 minutes (THANK YOU to our Senior Sisters for working so hard to 'tweek' this program to make it a more effective 'finding tool'.) It is now more 'user friendly' for the Missionaries with ways to teach the gospel better through teaching English to the Polish people.Celebrating Birthdays in the Warsaw Zone: Elders Ball, Curtis, Murphey, Hancock, Tanner and Szymanski. Sto Lat! Taking an opportunity to pose with my favorite Warsaw Zone Sisters! (L to R): Sisters Peterson, Sheahan, Holmgren, Forsey, Masters and Mann. Our Sisters are powerful in this mission. We love them and appreciate them all! Another big event that happens at Zone Conference is everyone brings in their travel receipts to be reinbursed. Elder Hancock is putting the information on his tickets so Elder Tanner can take it into the office where Elder Peck will reinburse him. Quite the process...but it works! Well....the meetings are over and the Warsaw I Elders are the 'good guys' cleaning up! Everyone has left to connect with trains home or for teaching appointments. Elders Tanner, Curtis, Manwill and Fletcher are making sure Elder Jensen sweeps up the last few crumbs. We did not celebrate Elder Jensens' birthday today as we normally do at all zone conferences. It's been a great week of conferences. With the traveling, exchanges and all that goes on it takes some energry. At the end of the conferences President gets with his assistants for evaluations and if they got the messages across to everyone. Each conference is different and to me they all seem perfect for who is there. We cannot break too long because we have traffic across town and things to do. Our assistants have a great man who has a baptism date soon and they have a lesson with him shortly. These are great missionaries.
It was a great week and now home to get ready for the Young Woman Conference this weekend.

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