Monday, May 14, 2012

Family comes to Poland!

Last week we made another run to the Chopin Airport. This time we were picking up family...our son, Darik, and daughter-in-law, Emily. It was great to have them come and get a taste of 'mission life'. Even though Darik and Emily were tired, they wanted to do some sightseeing in Warsaw. What better place to start than the Palace of Culture and Science aka: The Stalin Building. It was a beautiful day so we rode the elevator up to the look-out terrace to get a 'bird's eye' view of this great city we live in. After seeing several of Warsaw's sights, we ended up at Castle Square in Old Town. In the distance is the Warsaw stadium where in a few weeks will be flooded with Euro-Game fans!President Nielson had some church business in Krakow, so we all decided to 'tag along'. While President was involved during the day with members and missionaries, we decided to do a little exploring of our own and headed to Auschwitz. This is a very nice lady that works in the bookstore there. As soon as I walked in, she started telling me how impressed she is with the Missionaries who come to visit. We are always being watched. I am glad to know that our Missionaries 'Act the Part' when they are on a P-Day. Of course I bought something...she was SO nice! I gave her a pass along card about the Ksiega Mormona! Back in the city of Krakow, we saw something very interesting in the sky... We explored a little more and found out that you could ride this hot-air balloon for a great view of the city. Darik and Emily were more than happy to ride with me. Good thing President was in meetings....or he might have been 'forced' to come with us! (If you remember, he is NOT a fan of heights!) This is what we saw....a great view of the Wisla River, Wawel Castle and the rest of Krakow! It was a little high even for me....but it was worth it! Meeting up with President Nielson and the great Elders who serve in Krakow to visit and have some dinner. (L to R): Elders Roberts, Hillyard, Murphey and Sheridan. Darik and Emily recently celebrated their 12th Wedding Anniversary....What better way to celebrate than to 'lock their hearts' on the Krakow bridge. We had their names engraved on a special lock just for them. President and I also just celebrated our Wedding Anniversary...our 36th! I think that deserves a lock as well! We now have locks in Bydgoszcz and Krakow. We bought a few more locks at OBI for the other bridges in cities we visit. Stay tuned... Darik and Emily enjoying some wonderful Polish Pierogi. It was so fun to have them here in Poland with us....even if it was only for a few days. We are grateful for all our kids we left behind in the States. President Nielson and I have decided that the 'real heroes' when a couple goes on a mission are their children! They do so much to support us out here in the mission field. We couldn't do it without their love, help and support. We love you all!

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