Sunday, May 6, 2012

POLISH Missionaries at the MTC in Strength!

This is really a unique picture of the Polish speaking Missionaries currently at the MTC. We have two groups learning Polish- which in itself is rare. Plus Poland has two of our own Polish Missionaries at the MTC going to other countries AND there are two Missionaries learning Polish that will be serving and speaking in another country besides Poland. So here they are:
Front Row: (L to R) Elders Skolmoski, Rittmanic, Raines, Jespersen (these Elders will be arriving in Poland June 19), Zelezniak (arriving May 15), Lyzwinski (arriving at the Washington Tacoma Mission May 22), Bokinsky, Register (both arriving in Poland June 19) and the two Elders that will be serving in the England Leeds Mission (I don't know their names because they are not on President's list- sorry). BackRow: (L to R)- Sisters Holmgren (the May 15 group), Allen, Ostler (both in the June 19 group) Modzelewska (going to the Romania Moldova Mission May 15), Howells (June 19) and Peterson (May 15). Wow!
We love them all. President has been working on their transfers and has faces, names and information all memorized. We can't wait.


  1. One Elder who will be serving in the Leed Mission is Elder Jacob Ressler.... he is Sister Jagard's cousin.

  2. Thank you for sharing this photo! I love to see my daughter's happy, smiling face and the other missionaries too! She has loved the MTC, but I know she wants to arrive in Poland and start her service there!
    Sandy Peterson


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