Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bydgoszcz Zone Conference...May 2012

The BYDGOSZCZ ZONE. Another wonderful day for us as we are on Day 2 of our May 2012 Zone Conference tour. We met in Poznan today as the Bydgoszcz Zone. A great group of Elders and Sisters who are working hard to bring the gospel to the people of Poland. And here they are....by Districts! The Poznan District: Sitting (L to R): Sisters Folsom and Smithee; Sister and Elder Reed. Standing (L to R): Elders Van Bakel, Kalinowski, Marsing (District Leader) and Sorn. The Bydgoszcz District: Elders Gladun (District Leader) and Kennedy; Elders Hooker and Berry (Zone Leaders). The Gdansk District: Sisters Bezdjian and McAdams; Elders Klosowiak (District Leader) and Hayes.
Before the meetings started... our great Senior couple, the Reeds, were in the kitchen making sure everything would be ready in time for lunch. Everything was perfect....and our missionaries were well fed! Thank you, Elder and Sister Reed, for all your hard work! There was a lot to do today, and Elder and Sister Reed came through (again). Lunch in the YSA room in the Poznan chapel was a nice break...Elders Marsing, Van Bakel, Hooker, Berry, Kennedy, Gladun, Sisters Smithee and Folsom....and Elder Sorn! Visiting on the other side of the room were Elders Myler, Klosowiak, Kalinowski, Hayes and Basha. Wait! someone's missing! Sisters Bezdjian, McAdams and I had a wonderful (private) lunch talking about the great things that are happening up in Gdansk. They are teaching some incredible people. Birthday time! Elders Kalinowski and Berry celebrated with homemade cookies and a song! One of my favorite pictures....me and our fabulous Sisters! Having only 14 Sisters in the entire mission, they look forward to visiting and exchanging ideas on how to do missionary work better. (L to R): Sisters McAdams, Bezdjian, Reed, Folsom and Smithee. (Short girls on the left, tall girls on the right!) We can't leave Poznan without showing you this. It is quite a bit of work to have this made in Poland. The trophy stores just don't have plaques like this. So we have our daughter back home send over the "parts", and we assemble it here in Poland. We use a Polish engraver because of the Polish letters. This is Wiktor's missionary plaque....our great Elder from Poznan who is serving in the Michigan Detroit Mission. It is proudly displayed for all the members of the Branch, especially his mom, to see! One last picture of us and the Reeds. As I have said before, Senior Couples make a huge difference in a mission. It is such a great help to President when they ask "Where do you want us to serve, and what do you need us to do?" We rely on their church expertise and their ability to love and work hard to help further the work here in Poland. We are grateful for everyone of our 6 couples who serve alongside us. How about you? Put your papers in, make some new friends, come serve the Lord and have the time of your life. The benefits are 'heavenly'.

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