Sunday, May 27, 2012

Young Women All-Poland Conference...May 2012

Over the weekend, the YOUNG WOMEN and some of their Leaders in Poland got together for a fabulous Conference. Not only was it fun, but it was 'packed' full of faith promoting activities. (L to R) Ada, Ewa, Becky (2nd counselor Warsaw YW District Pres.), Kasia (YW Pres. Warsaw I), Sara (Warsaw I), Maja, Dominika (Warsaw I), Sister Reed, Bailey (Lublin), Jeonga (Wroclaw), Jazmina (Wroclaw), Grace (Warsaw II), Iwona (Warsaw YW District Pres.) (Sitting): Karina (Warsaw I), Natalie (Poznan), Cindy (Wroclaw), Ewie (Kielce), Lydia (Bydgoszcz), Hannah (Warsaw II). As the Conference began at the Wolska Chapel, everyone signed in and filled out a questionnaire "Spotlight on Me"...which would be used later in the day to get to know each other better. A table full of handouts that would be given to the girls as the day went on. Becky explaining the importance of the Personal Progress Program in the lives of the Young Women of the church with Ewa translating. The 'night crawler' game: the girls were asked to find the gummy worms (the goal) amongst all the other 'good stuff' that was in the pan. This helped them realize how important it was to stay focused on their goals and don't be led astray by 'sweet temptations' that would take them off track. Next, they learned that the Book of Mormon and other scriptures contain 'hidden treasures'.... they strived to find the gold safety pins amid the rice! It is harder than it looks! Outside on the lawn of the Chapel, it was time to learn the importance of prayer with our Heavenly Father as they tried to communicate with each other to get their 'skis' to the other side of the yard. This 'spider web' activity: A giant poisonous spider had made the web. The Young Women were to help each girl get from one side of the web to the other without touching the web. If the web was touched, it would injure the girl. After they successfully got each other through the web safely, the girls talked about things that would injure them...immodest clothes, bad language, drugs, alcohol, tatoos, gossip, etc. and how the Strength for Youth Pamphlet is a guide book to avoid these things. The Young Women loved this activity! A field trip was even part of the plan... they visited the Planetarium at the Copernicus Science Center where they viewed a fabulous film of the creation of this beautiful earth God created for us.
It's getting late and the Young Women have one more stop today... The foyer of the Mission Home: there are often tons of shoes in this spot...but they don't look like these! They are usually black and larger with holes in the bottoms. We have visitors at the Mission Home! It is so great to have these Young Women come stay over to conclude their Conference. Of course, everyone was starving; so... pizza, salad and ice cream sundaes were on the menu! After dinner, the table was cleared and the creative juices started flowing...... In the middle of the 'party', we got a skype from home and our kids wanted to see what all the noise was...They loved meeting the great young women of Poland! The young women were decoupaging book marks, and loved every minute of it. Each book marker was as beautiful and unique as the young woman who made it! It has been a full day....everyone was ready for bed. Sunday morning, everyone was up early for breakfast...Weronika and Dominika (both from Warsaw I) were first in line! Followed closely behind by Lydia (Bydgoszcz), Hannah (Warsaw II), Grace (Warsaw II), Cindy(Wroclaw), Ewie (Kielce) and Natalie (Poznan)! After breakfast, the girls all gathered in the living room to practice the song they were going to be singing in the Warsaw II Branch this morning: "I Am a Child of God"...part in Polish and part in English. (It was beautiful, by the way!) All ready for church, these great Young Women posed for one last picture. It was a great Conference...what a great spirit there is among these beautiful daughters of God. Their testimonies are strong, and they are learning to become future leaders in the church. Many people worked together to make this All Poland Young Women Conference hosted by the Warsaw District a success, but a special a special 'thank you' goes out to these two great sisters in the church. THANK YOU, Iwona and Becky, for making these 2 days not only fun but spiritual for these great Young Women. Thank you for all you are doing to strengthen the church here in Poland by helping to strengthen the youth! We love and appreciate you both!


  1. It was an amazing experience! Thank you for posting! And thank you sister Jarosz and sister Mecham sooo much!


  2. What a great activity! I'm so happy that the Young Women in Poland got to come together and be with other wonderful Young Women.

  3. This was such a wonderful experience for Evie. Thank you so much for hosting them, and to all the leaders (and girls!) who made it so much fun.

  4. Loved loved seeing the YW activity for Poland! As a former YW ward president and stake YW counselor....these pictures touched my heart!
    I am so so glad I know some of these wonderful YW and leaders! Jackie


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