Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Arriving Missionaries from the MTC

One of the most exciting events in 'Transfer Week' is the arrival of New Missionaries. Today, President Nielson and I were accompanied by our '3' Assistants....Elder Krzyminski (left), Elder Myler (right) and our newest Assistant, Elder Basha. What are we waiting for? Let's meet the new Missionaries of the Poland Warsaw Mission...This is Elder Watene-Zelezniak from Colyton, Australia. He is followed by....Sister Peterson from Santa Maria, California. And last but not least is...Sister Holmgren from Logan, Utah.We are so excited to welcome these 3 new Missionaries to the Mission. They were all very tired...but very excited to finally be in Poland and to start preaching the gospel. They are a great group. Check in tomorrow to find out who their Trainers are and where they will be serving.


  1. Thank you, thank you for posting these so promptly! I am so happy they made it safely!

    Sandy Peterson, happy mom of Siostra Peterson

  2. Another Big Thankyou also from Elder Watene-Zelezniak Whanau(Family)Seeing his photo brought happy tears to our eyes...We can sleep now knowing our son and brother has arrived safely to his Grandfathers home country...Poland..And he still has a smile on his face after the long flight....so typical of him tho that's how he always is.
    Arohanui(Love) The Zelezniak's :)


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