Monday, April 30, 2012

Elder Lyzwinski is on his way to the Provo MTC.

Elder Lyzwinski is the 5th Polish missionary in the field currently. He was set apart Sunday evening. Since he has served mini missions and been out so many evenings with the missionaries, we feel like he is one of us. So we saved a "momento" from him. When Elder Lyzwinski returns, we will no longer be in Poland. My memory quilt of Missionaries in Poland would not be complete without this Elder's tie! Some of those that were in attendance at Elder Lyzwinski's setting apart. (L toR): Ellie, Ryan (family home teacher) Wanda and Wojczek. Elder Lyzwinski with his grandparents. He is now a full-time Missionary, set apart to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in the Washington Tacoma Mission.

Elder Lyzwinski was well prepared and only a few things needed attending to the night before he left for the Mission Training Center in Provo.

The next morning, the line was long at the check-in desk because of the week long holiday. But all was well, and Elder Lyzwinski was able to check his bags without any 'hiccups'. Sending Elder Lyzwinski off on his mission was harder than I thought. Yes, there were a few tears (on my part)...but he is ready and anxious to serve. Elder Lyzwinski, we love you; and we will miss you! You, and the rest of our missionaries serving IN Poland or serving FROM Poland or have served in POLAND, will always be in our prayers. You LOOK the part, you ACT the part...Now, it's time to BE the part! The Lord will bless you AND your family! Watch out, he comes!
Many hours later.....Salt Lake City, Utah airport 11:30 pm.

This was the group of Returned Missionaries that had come to welcome him not only to the States but to the Mission field! Many of these faces I don't recognize so I'm not even going to try to name them. But Dominik has had an impact on all their lives.

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