Monday, April 23, 2012

P-day, Warsaw Mini Grand Prix ll and Dominik's party.

It's Monday, and the Office Elders and Assistants with Elder and Sister Peck decided to participate in the second Annual Warsaw Mini Grand Prix. Elders Tanner, Murphey, Myler and Krzyminski all are ready for this test of endurance and skill.

The first item of business was to dress and look the part (race drivers). The suit coats came off ...

the protective hair nets (???) came on...

...followed by the real "cool looking" race car driver suits. Joining us was Dominik for his last "P-day" in Poland before heading to the Provo MTC in one week.

Elder Myler heads out and is focused on the target...

Elder Krzyminski follows him and the rest are behind. And it's off to the races!

It was a wild race. They had 15 minutes to go as fast as they could.

About five minutes into the race it was everyone for themselves. However, there was some courtesy shown (occasionally) such as...

On the last lap when the checkered flag came out, everyone politely let each other pull in instead of hitting the car in front of them...

Everyone survived and had a great time. Elder Tanner, Dominik, Elders Myler, Krzyminski, Murphey and Peck. What a great "Crew".

They all faired very well. Each car was electronically timed so we knew who did very well and who did good.

We didn't keep score (and only played half court as the White Handbook suggests), but Elder Tanner was the winner and received a medal for his efforts. Congratulations!

Elder Peck and President had a great time. On the way out the door, they spotted the perfect 'New car' for President Nielson. We'll be getting in touch with Germany about this.

Later that night we were with Dominik and his family and friends for a dinner honoring the race car driver and the soon to be full-time missionary. The Staples family and Marcin and Ania were in attendance at this fun evening.

Domink with his wonderful family. (L to R): His Grandfather (we were celebrating his Name Day also), Mother, Sister, Grandmother (who cooked a delicious dinner and plenty of it) and twin sisters.

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