Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Interview Trip: First stop...LODZ!

Leaving Warsaw Friday afternoon, we headed out on a week long interview trip. It is taxing to travel, but it is wonderful to be with the missionaries in their respective cities. Our first stop on this journey is the city of Lodz. We arrived just in time to attend the Branch Missionary Correlation Meeting. This meeting is where the missionaries, Branch President and Branch Mission Leader go over investigator needs and make plans for the coming week. Jakub is the Branch Mission Leader and does a fabulous job. We are grateful to him and for his diligence in fulfilling this calling. Elder Tarasevich is the Branch President and also fully involved in the missionary efforts. After the meeting, there was some planning going on for the Sacrament Meeting Easter program this Sunday. I looked around the room and saw the above....I had to take a picture. Sister Masters was totally engrossed in studying her Polish cards. Her trainer, Sister Jones, says that Sister Masters even studies when they do their morning run! She is determined to learn Polish and doing a great job. (She had no idea I took her picture)
That night, we were able to go out to dinner with 2 great members of the Lodz Branch and Elder and Sister Tarasevich. Domika and Sebastian took us to a great Polish restaurant...great old-polish dishes. One of the items we ordered was 'the trough'...for 4! Everything was delicious....and the company was wonderful. We love and appreciate Dominika and Sebastian who do so many goods things for the Lodz Branch. These two YSA's are not only helping that program move forward, but are great (and always willing) to be on lessons with the missionaries. Here they are with the Taraseviches...who are such a great support to both members and missionaries alike. They are the best!On Saturday morning, interviews with President started. While some of us were enjoying the lunch that Sister Tarasevich prepared, interviews were going on in another classroom. Elders Szymanski, Tarasevich, Sisters Tarasevich, Masters (her companion Sister Jones was in her interview with President), Elders Rogers, Tiner and Dabrowski. Elders Szymanski and Rogers. Wonderful missionaries. Elder Rogers who is a new senior companion is doing absolutely Great! Elder Szymanski is progressing well with Polish and has a senior companion that is guiding him in all the right ways. Sister Jones and Masters. Sister Jones is a new trainer and doing an outstanding job. Sister Masters is doing well. They are both such a great blessing to this terrific branch. We love our Sisters! They add so much to the mission. Elders Tiner and Dabrowski. These are great Elders. Elder Tiner speaks Polish so well. Thank you Legeres, Bairds, James and others in Las Vegas for telling him all the Bishop Nielson stories...(at least the funny ones). These are two companions that are helping each other, the district and this great city. We miss Elder Dabrowski who was a former Assistant, but he so great in the field that we know this is exactly where he should be.

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