Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Interview Trip....making our way to Katowice!

The Katowice District: It's always great to visit Katowice. With a great Senior couple like Elder and Sister McGrath (center) to love and support them, there is continual energy amongst this group of wonderful Missionaries. Katowice has always been a great city for missionary work. Elders Waits and Basha, the Katowice Zone Leaders, have set some high goals for this Zone...and the Missionaries are reaching them! This companionship set a great example by recently achieving the Standard of Excellence. Elders Van Bakel and Gladun, taking their lead from the Zone Leaders, achieved the Standard of Excellence just last week. Way to go Katowice Elders! These Elders are also teaching more lessons and finding great people. Sister Ellis and Sister Ence have planned their days by the Spirit and followed their inspiration which has enabled the Lord to put some great people in their path. Baptisms are coming! These Sisters are doing great things and we love them both! As Elder Gladun (District Leader) instructs his District in ways to accomplish Real Growth in the church in Katowice, the Missionaries take notes and add comments. The Lesson this week is on Revelation through Church Attendance which is important for Real Growth in the Church to happen. Elders Basha and Waits with their recent convert, Andrzej, who has come for a new member lesson. We welcome this good brother to the Branch! They are also planning on another baptism in a few days.
While in Katowice, President not only interviewed the Missionaries, but several members as well.Having met with Rafal, Konrad (being baptized on Saturday), Gosia and the McGraths, it was getting late. It was a full day in Katowice. Dinner seemed to be the next event of the night! Rafal ordered a 'starter' called tartar...which seems to be a Polish favorite. Very lean ground beef, raw egg, onion, pickles and spices. Mix it well and eat! They say it is wonderful....but I say "find me a BBQ grill and I'll gladly try it"! It would even make such a great Meatloaf.
After a very nice evening with some very nice people, it was time to hit the road again. One good thing about traveling late at night- the big trucks are usually off the roads. This beautiful bridge in Krakow crossing the Wisla River was truly a welcome sight! Tomorrow we meet with our great Elders from Krakow and Kielce.....and they are bringing a surprise guest!

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