Friday, April 20, 2012

Bydgoszcz: April Interview Trip

We left Gdansk and headed towards Bydgoszcz Friday morning for interviews and meetings. On the way, we saw a couple of our "favorite friends" out doing their duties...

The amazing thing about these "speed traps" is when a policeman holds up the little "red paddle", the driver imediately pulls over. They always work in pairs, because there is always lots of business! Here Policeman 'A' on the left is writing up a ticket while Policeman 'B' is waving over another driver for speeding.

We arrived in Bydgoszcz and drove down this busy street and saw this unique crossing guard. At first we couldn't figure out what this person was doing. On both sides of the street people wait for the crossing guard to stop traffic, and they follow the guard. No one is going to hit her in this colorful outfit!

Arriving at the chapel, President started interviewing our great missionaries serving here in Bydgoszcz. (L to R): Elders Bode (District Leader) and Berry; Elders Sorn and Hooker (Zone Leaders).

As the missionaries were being interviewed, Elder Bode and I walked to our favorite lunch spot to pick up the pizzas. Marcin has a great business, and he is so good to our missionaries. If you are ever in Bydgoszcz, this is a 'must eat'!

Meanwhile back at the chapel, Elder Sorn was busy washing fruit...without being asked! I love my Missionaries!

Not only Missionary interviews were going on in the chapel today...

The Zelewskis dropped by for a temple recommend interview with President Jarosz, and we insisted on sharing lunch with them. This is ONE of the many great families we have in the Bydgoszcz Branch.

Lessons were also being held....such as this one with this great Investigator that the Zone Leaders are teaching.

On the way home from the chapel, I spotted something I couldn't resist.

Can you see anyone in this picture that looks familiar? Yes, it looks like it will be a ticket for 'one'!

...and this is why! President Nielson is not a fan of the ferris wheel....

...but I LOVE THEM!

This one was a high one and it was beautiful to see Bydgoszcz from the air! Up here, I spotted a familiar face....

President Jarosz was in Bydgoszcz for interviews and apartment business. Maybe I could talk him into the next ride.....

Another ticket for 'one'. It looks like the Presidents (Nielson and Jarosz) are in complete agreement when it comes to carnival rides.

But I had a good time!

It was a small carnival, but it was fun. I certainly didn't think our visit to Bydgoszcz would include was a nice surprise!

Later that night, we met with President Isaac (Bydgoszcz Branch President) and his wife, Renata. We are so grateful to serve alongside great people like the Jarosz's and the Isaac's. They are faithful, love the Lord and are doing much to further the work here. (Note the statue.....we have been looking for a large wooden Polish statue to bring home, and we think we may have a lead!) I LOVE THIS CHURCH AND I LOVE THE POLISH SAINTS!

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  1. Sister Nielson, you are so awesome to go on those rides by yourself. I can't believe they wouldn't go with you!


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