Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our New Missionaries at the MTC

We currently have two groups of new missionaries in the Provo MTC learning Polish. Two of these Elders are learning Polish but will serve in the England Leeds Mission. Everyone else will be heading to Poland soon.Above and starting third from the Left are (L to R) Elders Raines, Jespersen, Bokinsky, Register, Rittmanic and Skolmoski. Sisters Allen, Ostler, Howells, Peterson and Holmgren. Elder Watene-Zelezniak is in front. We love them and are excited for them to join us.
Sisters Holmgren and Peterson with Elder Watene-Zelezniak join us in three weeks. The rest will arrive in Poland on June 19. We love them all and cannot wait for them to be here!!!


  1. My grand nephew Elder Ressler is learning Polish for a mission in Leeds, England. This is Sister Jagard's 1st cousin once removed. Small world.

  2. My brother is Elder Raines! I have been reading your blog since the night he opened his call! Technology is such a blessing!!!

  3. I am another sister of Elder Raines. We LOVE that you have this blog so we'll be able to catch a little glimpse of the missionary work in Poland.

  4. They're all great. It's nice to have such a large group learning Polish!


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