Monday, April 2, 2012

Spending some time with Dominik.

Dominik leaves on his mission in 4 weeks. We have been helping him get everything organized to take with him when he flies to the States and enters the Provo Mission Training Center. Shopping for suits, shirts, shoes can be taxing...but he has remained in good spirits. One day after spending several hours in the mall, it was time for lunch. At the Food Court, I sent Dominik off to buy his lunch, and I went and ordered a salad. Sometime later, he came back with this conglomeration of food on his plate! Chicken sandwich, fries, spagetti, pizza, chicken nuggets......I thought to myself, "He will probably take 1/2 of that home."

Well, I was wrong. He ate every last bite....excluding the ketchup! All I can say is..."This is one Elder that will get his money's worth at the MTC cafeteria!" They had better stock up on food!

After shopping, it was time to take Dominik home.....

...where we were able to spend a delightful time with his family....His mom, his grandparents and his cute twin sisters, Natalie and Ashley (who by the way are very good cooks!)

A special surprise: Dominik's Grandfather was kind enough to give President Nielson a commemorative Chopin medallion. His Grandfather has a truely impressive collection of these beautiful medallions from many years past. Thank you for the great remembrance of a wonderful time spent with new friends!

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