Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gdansk...interviews plus a very important meeting

Whenever we travel, the Office Elders load us up with supplies and mail for each of the cities we will visit. Hence, our car is always so full that there is barely room for our small suitcases. This adventure to Gdansk was no different; except we ended up driving one of the smaller, slower Skodas. (President's car was in for servicing. They found all kinds of problems, and it wasn't ready in time for this trip. Too many miles!)

Along the way, we met Andrzej's brother outside of Bydgoszcz to 'squeeze' in one more box! The Gdansk Branch has been waiting for their new printer. No problem. With a little rearranging, and a suitcase on my lap, we were ready to go!
One of the goals of this trip was to evaluate the current chapel location on Gdansk. We found some great options for new locations. More news to come!
Now, back at the old chapel...

...Elder Johnson (District Leader) and Elder Klosowiak met Roman for a lesson. These great Elders are working hard to bring new converts to the Gdansk Branch.

We walked to Dluga Street to meet with the Sisters and were delighted to see how beautiful everything looked. Gdansk is getting ready to host some of the Euro Cup Soccer games, and the city looks better than ever! Even 'Neptune' is getting a facelift and new lights. You can feel the excitement in the air already! These two workmen were doing their best to get their job done without too many people noticing them. Ha Ha...
Here are our great Gdansk Sisters, Sister McAdams and Sister Bezdzian. They have just returned from a teaching appointment with a less-active member.
We are so proud of our Missionaries in this city. They work hard, and they don't give up. They talk to everyone! They are teaching more lessons every week. Keep up the great work!

The next morning we were trying to find our way out of Gdansk. There is road construction EVERYWHERE! Again...everyone is trying to get everything ready for the games. We came across a very confusing part of the road....the GPS was going wild, traffic was bad; and if we made a wrong turn, it would be a 'fight' to get back on the right road

As we were trying to figure out the GPS, we looked up and this is what we saw. I call it a "tender mercy"! We weren't sure if we should follow it, but we decided maybe someone was trying to show us the way....

At times, it looked like we were going to follow it into a dead-end construction zone; but we had a little faith and kept our eyes on the 'target'.

Soon we found ourselves driving toward a great road. Think about it. I see a 'gospel principle' in this little experience! It was really amazing how we came through this construction area, there were no signs, there were about four choices to make on which way to turn and then this huge arrow shows up. It took us right where we needed to go. We were trying to make this too complicated, and it was really simple. Just follow the arrow or 'the way'.

And we were happy that 'the way' to Bydgoszcz was on this great road where our next set of Elders were waiting to be interviewed!

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