Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wroclaw Branch Conference...April 2012

The Wroclaw Primary: Today they combined the 'big' Primary with the Nursery for a lesson. The 'Nursery' was so well behaved...everyone listened and everyone had a great time. (LtoR): Cynthia, Emilie, Samuel, Damian, Sister Pawlik (teacher) Aaron, Ewi (translator), David, AJ, Johan, Spencer. (Remember everything was being done in 2 languages!)
We started Primary with an Opening Song, "I Love to See the Temple". Everyone sang in their own language. Aaron then showed everyone the proper way to reverant, fold your arms, bow your head, close your eyes.
AJ and David taught the group a new song: "Choose the Right Way". It was new to the Polish speakers, and the English speakers learned it in Polish. They all did a great job!
Sacrament Meeting was wonderful as we heard some great testimonies from different members and leaders. This 'Sister Choir' sang "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus". They sounded like angels! (LtoR): Ola, Cindy, Garysia, Agata, Kim and Ola)
Some of the Priesthood in the Wroclaw Branch. Brother Lee, Mariusz, President Cielinski, Adam, Brother Zan. We appreciate all these men do to help this Branch run smoothly.
After church, the Relief Society Presidency got together for a little planning. Sister Zan (Center) and her counselors, Agnieszka (Left) and Ola (Right) do such a great job planning lessons and activities for the women.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, this group of Sisters were busy making lunch for everyone. Many of these Branch members have to travel more than 1 hour to get to church...and they faithfully come each week! That's the kind of members we have in Wroclaw! (LtoR): Cindy, Wioletta, Sister Malinowska, Ewi and Sister Pawlik.
Elder Hayes and Elder Hannemann (District Leader) talk to Ula about the calling she just received today....Seminary Instructor.
Sister Folsom and Sister Young with Edyte, their new investigator.
Just before we left for Warsaw, the Missionaries and I had a short meeting regarding the changes that are coming to our English Classes. Teaching English is a great finding tool, and we are striving to make it even more effective. Having answered lots of questions, Sisters Young & Folsom and Elders Hayes & Hannemann are ready to implement the new format. And we headed for home....It was a beautiful, uneventful day until we came across this situation...
This truck had run out of gas 50 feet from the gas pump! (See the gas station on the right side of the picture?) It was a traffic stopper even though they were trying to get everything worked out quickly. The driver just needed a strong tailwind to push him into the pump...or maybe a very long gas hose!
A welcome sight! There's no place like home....especially when you have been on a 2 week Interview trip! I'm excited that this week we do not have to travel...but there are some exciting events happening! You'll soon find out what!

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