Saturday, April 14, 2012

BAPTISMS around a 'treat' from home!

What a great Saturday it was!!! We had baptisms spanning the country! We'd like you to meet the new members of the church in Poland! Let's start with Szczecin.... Dagmara was baptized in Szczecin. She is shown with Elders Lundin and Kalinowski. Dagmara will be a welcome edition to the growing Relief Society in this great Branch. Let's head to Katowice... Konrad was baptized by Patryk. He is shown with Elders Waits and Basha who taught him the gospel. Konrad was initially contacted by Sisters Marshall and Forsey who were 'finding by the Spirit' in a nearby park. Welcome Konrad! Now we head to Krakow... Janusz was baptized by President Dziubla, the Branch President of the Krakow Branch. Elders Roberts and Hillyard assisted Janusz in finding out for himself if this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was true or not. Let's not forget one more important baptism that occurred on this special Saturday...Lublin! Cole was baptized by his Dad in the (very cold) Lublin Lake. What a great day for President Mecham to be able to baptize his son. Elders Kennedy and Mikolyski were the witnesses. Cole just turned 8 years old.....the age of accountability. We believe that little children aren't capable of sinning...they are pure. So, there is no need for infant baptism. Baptism is for those who are accountable...who know when they sin. (For more information about this, read Moroni 8:4-22 in the Book of Mormon. What? You don't have a Book of Mormon? Go to to get your own copy!)
What can I say? It was a wonderful Saturday in Poland to welcome so many great Saints into the Church. But the day wasn't over......This morning (Saturday) we caught the train to Katowice for Konrad's baptism. We came home late but arrived in time for President to catch the Little League game that our grandson, Ty, was playing in. His game was at 12 noon in Las Vegas, 21:00 for us in Poland. Some nice father "Skyped" the game so we could follow it.The game had all the box scores, line-ups and up to the minute stats. Our grandson, Ty, went 3 for 4, and President was able to follow all of the game. Baptisms and a Little League game--there is no better way to spend a Saturday in April! For any grandparent who hesitates to go on a mission because they may miss some events... that excuse doesn't work any more. Get your papers in ... come out and have the greatest time of your life!Ty is becoming a great baseball player. He is shown above receiving the "game ball" for his efforts in one of his recent games. We are a long way from home, but we are still a part of the great things that are going on in the lives of our loved ones. Technology is wonderful...Another 'tender mercy' from the Lord. Now, we can't forget Ty's little brother, Parker! He is the next All-Star coming up in the family. Here he is shown with his coach (his Dad, our oldest son Darik) ready to 'SMACK' the ball off the T-stand. Being a younger brother, Parker is tough!
Life is just great. We are so blessed to be part of their lives while serving in the greatest work on earth. Go and serve the Lord, your families will be blessed, and they will be watched over.

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