Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday is District Meeting Day all over the Country.

Today we visited the Warsaw I District. As you can see, summer has finally come to Warsaw. No more coats, gloves, scarves.....even suit coats are optional except for church. Everyone is ready for this great change in the weather! Sisters Sheahan and Garcia celebrated by bringing homemade cookies to District Meeting...the Elders always appreciate that! Elders Hancock and Tiner (!) What is Elder Tiner doing in Warsaw? The Zone Leaders (Elder Hancock and Elder Fletcher) are on exchanges....So, Elder Fletcher is in Lodz with Elder Dabrowski and Elder Tiner is here with Elder Hancock. Elder Tiner brought JUMBO kinder eggs for my grandkids ....a belated Easter present that will be heading to America soon. (Thank you Taraseviches for finding them!) Elder Manwill and Elder Jensen (District Leader). Elder Jensen gave a great lesson in District Meeting helping our investigators to learn the importance in coming to church...even though his suitcoat is MIA. Don't worry, Sister Jensen....we will find it! While at the Wolska Chapel for District Meeting, I popped my head into the Family History Center....which has a new location in the building. It looks great, and it was good to see Brother Rzeczycki who was working the Center today. Our FHC is now run by members, and they are doing a great job.
Tonight we found ourselves visiting the YSA's in Warsaw where President Nielson and I taught a lesson on the Standards of the Church and the importance of keeping them. With the Matura (a very important test in Poland that determines where you can study after High School) in a few weeks, our numbers are few....but we had a great time. This was Dominik's last YSA for 2 years as he leaves Monday for the states where he will enter the Provo Mission Training Center.
A new face at YSA....Mateusz. He has been investigating the church 'on-line' for awhile. He happened to view a youtube video of Sister Sheahan singing and saw that she was serving a mission in Poland. Everywhere he turned, he kept seeing things about the church. He decided that God was trying to tell him something, and he needed to find out more about this church. He walked into the Mission Office and asked to be taught....Our Office Elders, Tanner and Murphey, were more than happy to do so! He has a baptismal date in May. (L toR): Sisters Garcia and Sheahan; Matteusz; Elders Tanner and Murphey. MIRACLES LIKE THIS ARE HAPPENING EVERYDAY IN THE LIVES OF OUR MISSIONARIES. Our message is true.... I love this Church!


  1. Jumbo kinder eggs?!! I didn't know those existed. Your grandkids will love those!

  2. I love this picture! Sister Sheahan is a good friend of my husband and I, and she wrote to us about Mateusz. And interestingly enough, I discovered that Elder Murphey is the son of one of my missionary companions!

    Linda McFate
    Eagle Mountain, UT


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