Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the way to Wroclaw for Branch Conference....

Leaving Bydgoszcz early Saturday morning, we were surprised that traffic was very light. This is going to be a great trip. Above is one of my favorite is simple, but makes a statement! As we continued to make our way to Wroclaw....

...we were amazed (again) at how beautiful the country of Poland is. Rolling hills, lots of farm land...and everything is starting to green up! It was a great day to travel.

And guess who's back?

The Storks! They have made their way back from Africa to spend the summer in Poland. Here they find their nests, have one or two babies, then fly back to Africa for the winter. Storks are seen in Poland from April to August.

The locals help these awkward birds by supplying nests for them on top of telephone poles. With the storks back in Poland, we are sure to have some great weather.

Arriving in Wroclaw this evening, we had a chance to visit with President Cielinski, Wroclaw Branch President, and his wife, Agata. They are expecting their 2nd child in 7 weeks. We are so grateful for the service this great family renders to the Saints in Wroclaw. Both are returned missionaries who served their missions IN Poland a few years ago.

Tomorrow, we'll visit with the Cielinskis again along with the rest of the members in Wroclaw as it is Branch Conference.

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