Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We have a new Senior Couple!

We welcome Elder and Sister Reed to the POLAND WARSAW MISSION. Last week we put Elder and Sister Richards on the plane home to Las Vegas. (They had the best and easiest travel home of anyone we know.) Today, unfortunately, was just the opposite. The Reeds came on probably the toughest travel itinerary we have seen. They got up at 2:00am in Provo at the MTC to catch the bus to the Salt Lake City airport. They flew to Minneapolis and had a 6 hour layover there then flew 8.5 hours to Amsterdam. Spent 3 hours there and flew for 2 hours to Warsaw. They had 9 hours in layovers and 13 hours in the air. They look great for being up for so long. The Reeds are from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sister Reed walked off the plane ready to work! Elder Reed was not far behind her. This great couple have served a mission in Ukraine and returned home one year ago. They are eager to serve the Lord again....and we are eager to have them here in Poland! Not knowing how much luggage they would have, we brought along our great Assistants, Elders Myler and Krzyminski, to help. The Reeds are seasoned travelers and didn't bring much. As it is with the young Missionaries, our first stop when we left the airport was the Best Mall to take pictures for Residence cards. As we were waiting for the photos to develop, I took the Reeds into the grocery store to start getting them used to shopping in Poland. True to form, it was a madhouse! With photos in hand, we headed to the Mission Home, dinner and got to bed early. The next morning, Elder and Sister Reed were ready to go. Elder and Sister Peck, our great office couple, came by to start legal work and explain a few 'housekeeping' items.'s time to see where the Reeds will be serving....This morning we met and Elder and Sister Reed received their assignment to serve in Poznan. They are excited, and they will be fabulous. They love the people of Poznan already!Now, it's off to Poznan to serve in that great part of the vineyard! Elder and Sister Reed will do great work there. They will continue the traditions of serving with all your heart, might, mind and strength. We will be checking in on them soon, as we start our Interview trip in a few days!

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