Saturday, February 2, 2013

A special Zone Leader Council....February 1, 2013.

 Since it's the first of the month, our Zone Leaders all come in to the Mission Office for Zone Leader Council.  ( L to R): Elders Van Bakel and Dopp from the Warsaw Zone.  Elders Mikolyski and Jensen our Assistants.  Elders Gudnason and Tiner from the Bydgoszcz Zone, and Elder Hayes from the Katowice Zone.  Today was a special day as Elder Kent F. Richards from our Area Presidency came to train and instruct us.  It is always a joy and a privilege to have a General Authority with you.
 He flew in last night and President and I were able to go over some things that will help the mission and the Church in Poland.  I think we have a busy schedule until I hear how the Brethren travel and all they accomplish.  The Lord watches over and cares for His servants.
 Last week we had Senior Transfers.  Sister Peck is training Sister Hutchinson on her office duties.  Elder and Sister Peck return home in two weeks which is just about enough time to train Elder and Sister Hutchinson on their new assignment.
Elder Peck training Elder Hutchinson on the Payment Net program and keeping our mission running.  We have so enjoyed Elder and Sister Peck in the office and look forward to serving alongside Elder and Sister Hutchinson.  It is really a blessing to know that the office and our mission needs are being handled and taken care of in such great order.  Since we have been in Poland, all of the great Senior Couples who have served in the Mission Office have gone beyond the call of duty.  What great missionaries they all are.

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