Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Transfer Board looks different. 30 Jan 2013

With 29 missionaries coming in over the next three transfers, things are filling up on President's board.  All of the missionaries left of the "dotted line" are the new ones coming in.  The far right column is the Katowice Zone.  Second column from right is the Bydgoszcz Zone.  In the middle is the Warsaw Zone.  President is looking at four cities to place more missionaries and perhaps having Sisters in cities where they have not been before or at least for a long time.
It's all exciting. 
If you are one of the new incoming missionaries, study and know Preach My Gospel, be reading the Book of Mormon with us (Jacob 7 today, Jarom tomorrow...) go to the temple as often as you can, go out with the missionaries in your ward and spend time with your family.  Spend some time on your knees.  We cannot wait for you to arrive in Poland, but you have work to do now.  Prepare for the MTC, and then prepare to work and serve like you never have before. We love you and are praying for you already!


  1. Sister missionaries in Bydgoszcz?? HINT, HINT!!

  2. I saw my name in the incoming missionaries and got even more excited to serve!

  3. I see my name on the board and I want to cry, I'm so excited!

  4. I am so excited seeing my picture next to so many other sisters! :D


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