Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Leadership Training Meeting....January 8, 2013

Leadership Training Meeting was held in Warsaw with Assistants, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and a few Senior and Junior companions.  This is a semi-annual meeting where President and the Assistants train in responsibilities and "the righteous traditions of the fathers".
Top row: (LtoR): Elders Tingey (DL-Poznan), Neuner (Kielce), Gudnason (ZL- Bydgoszcz), Tiner (ZL- Bydgoszcz), Manwill (DL- Warsaw I), Skolmoski (Lodz), Van Bakel (ZL- Warsaw) and Dopp (ZL- Warsaw).  Middle row: (LtoR): Elders Baranowski (Warsaw I), Bokinsky (DL- Katowice), Vernon (Warsaw I), Wilson (DL- Warsaw II), Hayes (ZL- Katowice), Rittmanic (Lublin), Zelezniak (DL- Gdansk), Cieslak (DL- Szczecin), Jespersen (DL- Lodz) and Szymanski (DL- Krakow). Seated: (LtoR)  Elders Garfield (DL-Wroclaw), Jensen (Assistant), Mikloyski (Assistant) and Weir (Wroclaw).
President Nielson always makes sure he arrives in plenty of time to get everything set up for the meeting. It takes a lot of time and effort to get these leaders in one spot in such a large country, so every minute President has with them is important.
All Elders are here and accounted for....and on time! The trains and tramwajs were working with us today! After some great instruction from President Nielson and the Assistants, everyone was ready for a break.
Lunchtime! I have found that it doesn't matter how much you make....they can always eat more.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and...
...visiting with one another.
There's probably one mother looking over the group that can't find her son....
Elder Raines, our Bydgoszcz District Leader, showed up to the training meeting with the flu.We quickly isolated him, made him comfortable and he was 'out like a light'. Sister Raines....it's only a 24-hour bug. We are sure that Elder Raines will be back to missionary work soon....because that's the kind of Elder he is.
What a great day.  We are so proud of these Elders.  They are serving the Lord so faithfully.  They understand how important it is to lead by example.  They strive to Look the part,  Act the part and most important Be the part.  They are the examples to the mission, the members and to the people of Poland.


  1. Sister Nielson,
    Thank you for taking care of our son. He looks warm and cozy and probably just needed a little TLC.
    Susan Raines

  2. Sister Raines,

    Well now he is back in Bydgoszcz and is getting some TLC from Jim and I! Him and his companion(which is worse then him) got a bit a home last night when we got the call from him for HELP! Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, Sprite and package of toilet paper can do wonders.

    Sister Kagele


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