Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zone Training Meeting (Warsaw I & II)

Throughout the mission today, we are holding Zone Training.  This happens the week following Zone Leader Council.  What was discussed and plans made in that meeting are then taken out to the mission in District Meeting...only it is taught by the Zone Leaders.
The Warsaw I and Warsaw II Districts were together on this cold day in the Wolska Chapel.
Elders Rogers and Pofelski (serving in Bialystok), Sisters Sheahan and Allen (Warsaw I), Elders Manwill (District Leader) and Baranowski (Warsaw I), Elders Walter and Register (Office Elders) and our Assistants.
Elders Rittmanic and Peacock(serving in Lublin), Elders Kotter and Wilson (District Leader Warsaw II), Sisters Packard and Young (Warsaw II), and Elders Vernon and Saltmarsh (Warsaw I).
Elder Dopp (Warsaw Zone Leader) led the discussion of what we read from the Book of Mormon today- 1 Nephi 18. As taught in Zone Leader Council, we talked about the 4 groups in Lehi's dream and what separated Group 3 from the others.  He did a wonderful job of teaching and having everyone involved.  His companion, Elder Van Bakel, is doing the same thing today in Lodz with the Elders there.
Part of the great Warsaw I Elders: Elders Manwill, Baranowski, Saltmarsh and Vernon. Following a great meeting they are anxious to get back to work and talk with everyone.
Our wonderful Warsaw Sisters: Sisters Young, Packard, Sheahan and Allen.  They can do everything and are great missionaries.  We are so blessed to have them all in Poland.  It's Wednesday, and they all teach English classes in the various Branches beginning at 4pm so everyone can be out during Prime Proselyting Time...6:00-9:00pm nightly.
Our Bialystok Elders (Elders Rogers and Pofelski) are heading to the train station while the Office Elders (Elders Walter and Register) are running errands for Residence Cards.  Elder Roger received a package from home which always makes a missionary happy.

Walking back into the Wolska chapel, I found Brother Rzeczycki in the library. I caught him in the act! He has found a need, and he is going to take care of it. Thank you for cleaning and organizing the library! 
The day was only beginning.  President Jarosz was showing up for the afternoon meeting the Mission Presidency was holding.  There is much to plan for with District Conferences in March and April. But first is the Mission District Conference with Szczecin and Gdansk in February which will be held in Bydgoszcz (half-way point).


  1. Love the updates! We attended Elder Hooker's homecoming...what a great young man. And his family was equally wonderful. Thanks for the blog updates! Love to see their activities! :)

  2. Yesterday we dropped off Sister Cassidee Steadman at the MTC. If you remember when we visited in May, President Nielson asked her if she was planning to serve a mission. Her response: No! But it was an inspired question. Later she told us her heart was softened by your question and when she saw her older sister's love for the people of Poland and their love for her---especially when we visited Lodz, Bydogszcz, and Gdansk. A special thanks to the wonderful saints in Poland, the loving Brother and Sister Lewis, President Nielson for his "assist," to Sister Nielson for serving her favorite food (you were inspired), and for your incredible leadership to ShaLae and the people of Poland.


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