Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Reunions in the US

Great things and great events from Great Missionaries who are back home.
Derek and Mark attended the Salt Lake Temple.  This bring so much joy to President and I.  The wind must be blowing that night??!! Mark was in Disneyland and on survival over the Christmas break.  Derek starts school, work and improv and continues a bright future.  We miss them!
Casey is fishing with someone who is dear to his heart.  Congratulations on things to be announced at some point in the near future.  Casey was such a great missionary here in Poland. We are grateful to hear from these tremendous missionaries.  We are so happy for them.  
Just before Christmas, Daniel was in Las Vegas to visit a brother and got together with Nathan.  We love these guys.  They visited the Polish Deli and got the real stuff (juice and candy) straight from Poland.  We can't wait to go there also. It's so close to our home.  Don't they look great.
Do you see any faces you recognize in this picture? Several of our missionaries got together before the Holidays .... among them was one of our great Polish members, Kasia. It is great to see all look terrific!!! We love you all!!! (LtoR): Nicole, Tracy, Megan, Cameron, Kasia, Laurel, Stewart, Ian, Troy and Janessa.  What a wonderful picture of outstanding missionaries who love Poland and the gospel.

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