Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sister's Training Meetings...January 21,22.

Our mission has 14 new Sister missionaries arriving between February 23 and July 2.  So we have many things to do and prepare for.    President arranged for all the Sisters to come into Warsaw Monday and Tuesday for training and review.  With 12 Sisters scattered around Poland, it took some time to gather everyone.
First to arrive in the mission home, where our meetings were held, were the Warsaw Sisters.  Sisters Young and Packard (serving in Warsaw II) and Sisters Allen and Sheahan (serving in Warsaw I).
They were followed by our friendly DeGrasso Pizza guy.  He came right in the house like he was a man on a mission.  Once inside we told him about our mission and some other great things that could change his life.  He was right on time as lunch was the first order of business.
Sisters Masters and Forsey arrived next after a 5-hour train ride from Gdansk.  They were up early this morning but still have tons of energy, and they are ready for our meeting.
The group that all arrived about the same time at the Warsaw Central train station were Sisters Bown (Poznan), Smithee (Wroclaw), Howells (Katowice), Ence (Wroclaw), Bezdjian (Poznan) and Holmgren (Katowice).  They all piled into the transporter, and the Assistants drove them to the mission home.
Once we were together, lunch was ready and there was plenty of visiting and socializing going on.  These are just great Sisters, and they really do love each other.
After being the escorts and having their own pizza, Elder Mikloyski and Jensen were on a train to Wroclaw for an Exchange with the Elders there.  Both said it was a little too noisy for them to stick around.
We spent the afternoon discussing various lessons, guidelines, training programs and goals that our new missionaries needed to be aware of.  It is important that all the 'righteous traditions' of our mission be passed on.
The Sisters of the Poland Warsaw Mission! A special thank you to Sister Allen (front row, far left) for sharing some rope games emphasizing the need for unity and leadership amongst our Sisters. The training meeting ended with 9:00pm planning and a resolve to reach the mission goals...then it was off to bed!   Back row (L to R)  Sisters Smithee, Ence, Bezdjian, Bown, Forsey, Masters, Packard and Young.  Front row (L to R) Sisters Allen, Sheahan, Holmgren and Howells.
Early the next morning, it was time for 'hugs' and 'good-byes' as all our traveling Sisters got into a Taxi/Van to head to the train station.
As usual, they were loaded down with mail, packages and supplies.
Meanwhile, our four Warsaw Sisters headed for the bus. They were returning to their apartments to continue scripture study and language training....and District Meeting.
What a great few hours we spent with our faithful Sisters. There is such love and friendship shown amongst our Sisters. They are a joy to serve with. They are diligent, obedient workers who love the Lord....rain, shine (or even snow)!

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