Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Interviewing Warsaw I with a few surprises!

We woke up this morning to.....
SNOW!!!!  I have come to love beautiful, clean white snow! The above picture is our backyard where many BBQ's took place....but not today!
Our backyard lights (with their snow hats) always make me smile. And they are a great way to measure the snowfall.
This morning President needs to interview the Missionaries in the Warsaw I Branch. As we pull up to the chapel, we find that people are hard at work already.  The snow has been shoveled and...
...we've got some 'remodeling' being done inside!  A painting machine set up in the kitchen????
The hall near the Family History Center has been taped off and plastic covers the doors....
The entire building is getting repainted.  Instead of the "yellow" it will be a more tan color throughout the interior.
Brother Jarosz took over to make sure things were done correctly.  Like I have said before-  he does everything.  Following this he joined President in another room for their Mission Presidency meeting.  President Wencel was here along with Elder Jensen.
Meanwhile, in another part of the chapel, President Nielson and Pavel (FM-Facility Maintenance coordinator from Czech Republic) discuss the leak that we have had for a long time.  If you have been to this building in the winter or during a rainy period, you know where this is.  Hopefully a new project will start in the Spring to correct the roof and stop this problem.
The ceiling in the chapel may be getting a new look soon!  The individual lights that hang down will be replaced with a more LDS Chapel approved light fixture.  This will certainly add to the beauty of this chapel.   With all this remodeling going on in the Wolska Chapel, we almost forgot why we came....
....the BEST part-  to interview these great Missionaries serving in the Warsaw I Branch.  (LtoR):  Elders Dopp (Zone Leader), Baranowski, Van Bakel (Zone Leader), Manwill (District Leader), Saltmarsh, Vernon. Sisters Allen and Sheahan. Elder and Sister Jensen (YSA-Warsaw).
It was rather a productive day despite the snow and the cold weather.  Tomorrow more interviews in Katowice...

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