Saturday, January 26, 2013

A new member of our family arrives!!!

 Another grandchild was added to our adorable existing 9!   Stanford Bode (pronounced Bo-dee) arrived on January 22. Mother and son are both doing well.
Every daughter deserves to have her mom there when she has a new baby. So...guess who got to fly home for a few days to help take care of the crew? Above: being greeted at the airport by Bode's siblings. It was nice to know that they still remember me after 2 1/2 years of being gone!
 I arrived just hours after Bode was born. What a sweet precious little boy. How can anyone hold a newborn baby and not know that there is a Divine Creator?
Before we left for our mission, individual 'Grandma and Grandpa Dates' were a very popular activity in our family. Since I am only in town for a few days.....we had to have a GROUP 'Grandma Date'.  We decided to...
 ...GO BOWLING! Have you ever taken 9 kids under the age of 8 bowling before? Thanks to a few helpers, we had a great time! I figured we would bowl until they got restless then leave.  I was surprised that they ALL made it through a complete game! And did a great job helping each other.
Some of their tactics were a little unconventional (!!!)....but it worked for us. Bowling is definitely an activity that we can handle!
After working up an appetite, where do you take 9 kids to eat lunch and not have a huge mess?
The Costco lunchroom worked for us! Here we are waiting for our pizzas eating our ice creams first. ('s a Grandma date....we have no rules! All mothers complied!) It was a great way to spend all day with my wonderful grandchildren. Family is where it's at. We love all our children and their fabulous spouses. I thank them for raising their children, our grandchildren, in righteous homes using gospel principles. Looking to raise YOUR family in the world today? Follow the prophet...he will not lead you astray!

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  1. What a blessing that you could be there--and that you arrived just in time! Congratulations.


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