Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dec 30 & New Years Eve 2012

Sunday morning we drove two hours to Kielce.  It was a beautiful day as we met with the faithful members in this great branch.
 Some of the members that were here are Marcin (our new convert), Martyn, Martyna and President Najberg.  Elders Nuener and Lanham are doing a great job in one of our favorite cities.
After the meetings, President Najberg and Martyn showed us a possible new chapel site across from the Courthouse.  It looked great, and we are pushing forward in our negotiations for the Saints to meet in this wonderful facility.
Then is was back to Warsaw and everything that happens on a Sunday evening.

For New Years Eve, because we wanted to get our missionaries off the streets, we had them over to the Mission Home.  We had a great dinner, played some games and watched a new movie about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  Since our Mission is starting our reading of the Book of Mormon as a Mission, this was a great lead in.
What this also reminded us of was Lake Powell.
Seems like when we get our family together at Lake Powell there is only so much room in the houseboat around the table to eat.  When that happens someone is always left out and has to stand in the kitchen and watch all the fun.  (Elders Jensen, Wilson, Dopp, Baranowski, Sisters Young and Packard, Elders Mikolyski, Saltmarsh, Manwill, Van Bakel, Vernon, Walter, Register and Kotter)
We did have a great time and it was so fun to watch, listen to and laugh with our missionaries.
Afterwards we drove everyone home and then headed to the other activity that was just beginning.
The New Years Eve Social at the Wolska Chapel.  There was lots going on and well attended.  One of the highlights of the night was the "hit performance" by President Dresler and Brat Magnuski singing (the Polish version of) 'Stairway to Heaven' ...well I think that was what they were singing.  A great and fun evening.  We are missionaries, and we were home on time.  However, the fireworks in Poland are as loud and lasting as anywhere we have seen.  At midnight it was a solid barrage of fireworks and noise throughout Warsaw.  There was no way you were able to sleep.  Good-bye 2012 - it was a wonderful year and Welcome 2013!

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  1. Just found out one of our YM from our ward back home is heading your way, Wyatt Swicegood. We love his family and he is a great young man. We know he will be a good missionary :) That is why I was checking out your blog. Some little things that you and President do that I think are so special; White Elephant gift exchange, zone conference on Christmas Day, cutting off the ties of the out going missionaries (what do you do with the sisters?) "Brinner", Game night with the missionaries, That you take LOTS of pictures...tells me each moment is special to you both. Better watch out you are both young enough to be Mission Presidents again, maybe somewhere warmer next time :)


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