Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interview trips start....January 12, 2013

 Believe it or not, our interview trips have gotten SO MUCH easier because of signs like this:
 We love big, bright blue signs; because that translates to: BIG NICE FREEWAY AHEAD! (On the left is the old way to Lodz and Poznan.....on the right is the new way via A2.  On a snowy day like today, the NEW HIGHWAYS are so welcomed.
It wasn't even a ALWAYS follow the big blue signs!
 So over the bridge(s) we went! The only 'downside' to the new A2 freeway is the toll booths....of which there are many.....
....and they keep building more!  This is one that will be operating sometime in the future.  Another interesting thing is the Toll prices change for time to time.  But it is worth it not to get stuck behind great big (slow) trucks that you struggle to pass.  
 Our first stop was Lodz (which is now only an hour and 15 minute drive for us from the Mission Home!) We met up with these 4 great Elders: Elders Skolmoski, Z.Smith, J.Smith and Jespersen who are doing such great things.  These are dedicated and hard working missionaries.  They are all relatively new in the country.  Time in Poland- Elders Skolmoski and Jespersen just over 6 months, Elder Z. Smith just over 2 months and Elder J. Smith three weeks.  So the interviews with President starts...
In between interviews, pizza was ordered....The above shows the picture of the number of slices far!
After some great interviews with the Lodz Elders, it was on to Poznan.....yes, still on the A2!
The rynek at Poznan...even though Christmas is over, decorations stay up for sometime afterwards. They are still beautiful.
 Meeting the Poznan Elders (Stockford and Tingey) at a local restaurant for dinner. It was nice to visit with these good Elders.....who, by the way, were back proselyting by 6:00 pm as per the Missionary White Handbook!  They both have not been in Poland that long- Elder Tingey just over 4 months and Elder Stockford just over 2 months.  They are tremendous.  They are teaching some incredible people who we hope will have a desire to follow the example of their Savior and be baptized.  It was a little chilly out tonight.
 Meanwhile, after dinner, I was able to accompany our Poznan Sisters (Bezdjian and Bown) on a lesson.  Sisters Bezdjian and Bown really know how to do missionary work- they are incredible. We met at Jola's house and we were teaching Regina. Talking about the Plan of Salvation, many great questions were asked and answered. Jola and Regina are great friends....Regina is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true for herself. Her son, Wiktor, is serving a mission in Detroit and will be very pleased to hear this.
We were able to attend the Poznan Branch for Church Sunday. President Nielson had a most important interview. Marta's missionary papers are being turned in. She is SO excited to serve the Lord in this capacity. She is a wonderful teacher and will be a great missionary. We will let you know where she will be called to serve! We love you, and we are very proud of you, Marta!  She will be our 7th missionary from Poland who is currently in the field.

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