Sunday, January 6, 2013

Senior Missionary Training

We were able to bring in our Senior Missionary Couples for a two day training session. It was so great to get together and hear of the wonderful things these great missionaries are doing.
We gathered in the Mission Home: (LtoR) Elders and Sisters Jensen (YSA's Warsaw), Reed (Poznan), Lloyd (Lodz), Hutchinson (Katowice), Peck (Mission Office) and Sheley (Wroclaw).
The first night was reserved for visiting and getting acquainted.  President and I found out that we have the most accomplished and talented group of Senior Missionaries anywhere.
Helping in the kitchen (as always) were Sisters Lloyd, Hutchinson, Jensen and Peck.
The Elders were in the living room preparing for our instruction and sharing of ideas.  Elders Hutchinson, Peck, Lloyd, Reed, Jensen and Sheley.
President went over our Theme and focus: "Building and Sustaining Real Growth in Poland".  Each Senior Couple took 20 minutes and told of the wonderful things they are involved with and doing in their specific assignments and branches.
It was a great two days of learning and growing from each other.  Being in the Mission Home together was a great treat for President and I.  We also held one of our my favorite meetings...testimony meeting... that was just what I needed (and I think everyone would say the same).
The next morning after breakfast we headed downtown.
We got parked and saw one of the things that all Senior Couples avoid.  The parking police who place these things on your car if you forget to pay for a parking ticket.  These are bad things to find attached to your wheel...
Visiting Saski Park where President Kimball dedicated the country of Poland for the preaching of the gospel in 1977.  This is where that great occasion occurred.
Close by is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  We saw the changing of the guards as this happens on the hour.
We then headed over to Nowy Swiat for the next part of our training.  This is the first building the Church met in.  It is still used today as the missionaries invite investigators to meet here and listen to their lessons.
This is such a wonderful place.  President tries to use Nowy Swiat a couple of times a year for training and councils.  Tonight the weather was perfect (a little chilly but still perfect).
After the training tonight, it was off for dinner (traditional Polish Pierogi) and a stroll through the Rynek area.  Most of the snow has melted and it was a good night to just walk...especially since the Christmas lights were still up!
The following morning after breakfast we fixed snack lunches and departed.  Some went to the Uprising Museum, caught trains for back home or attended a baptism at the Wolska Chapel.  It was such great training.  I come away from these meeting so excited to do more.  These Senior Couples add so much to our Mission.  These current missionaries are just outstanding as have been all of our Senior Couples that President and I have so been blessed to serve with.  We love and appreciate them.  We are so grateful that their families have let them leave home and come to Poland to serve.  We thank you, also!

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