Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interviews continue....some in interesting ways....January 22, 2013

 After we got all the Sisters off this morning, the day was just starting.  President had interviews last night with the Sisters and now needed to continue with missionaries in outlying cities.  Today is Tuesday. On Tuesdays we hold District Meetings throughout the mission.  Every other week, Bialystok and Lublin travel in for their District Meetings.  So President continued on with his interviews as the Elders from these cities were in town today.

Some times the trains are not always on time or delayed.  Such was the case this morning. President was planning on meeting the Lublin Elders in Warsaw II at their District Meeting but their train had problems and was delayed 90 minutes.  So it was off to Warsaw I and interviews with Elders Pofelski and Rogers (above).  They currently are serving in Bialystok and were in Warsaw today for their District Meeting.  These wonderful Elders are doing a great work in that small branch and keeping everyone going on the straight and narrow.  These two Elders are some of our best Polish speakers and the Branch calls on them all the time.
Then it was over to the train station. On the way the Lublin Elders called and said their train was delayed again.  So we waited next door at the Zloty Terrace.
On sunny days this place can be hot.  On snowy days it can be dark because no sunlight gets in.  But today it was pretty great inside....warm and cozy.
President found a nice table in the corner away from the traffic to meet with his Elders. When the Lublin Elders arrived, he was able to visit with them. The Elders were in a hurry because afterwards they were beginning an exchange with their District Leader and his companion.
The Lublin Elders, Elder Rittmanic and Peacock, are doing amazing things.   We did the trade off lunch again.  I had lunch and visited with one Elder while his companion was with President.  Then we traded.  These are hard working missionaries and full of enthusiasm and energy.  They had been up since 5:00am and dealt with 3 hours of delays and still had great attitudes!
After lunch with everyone, their interviews were completed and the exchange began.  Elders Wilson (District Leader Warsaw II), Kotter, Peacock and Rittmanic.  Elder Wilson was going with Elder Rittmanic back to Lublin for 36 hours. Elder Peacock was staying with Elder Kotter to teach and find in their Warsaw II area.  These are four outstanding missionaries.
I am convinced that no where in the world can be found Missionaries that work harder than ours. We love them all!  It's been a busy Monday and Tuesday...and the week is young!

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