Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Branch Conference in Lodz! Sunday, February 24, 2013

Branch Conferences are starting, and Sunday we were able to attend one in Lodz. It is always nice to visit the saints there in this great city. Above is a picture of many of the members and investigators who attended that day. What a wonderful group of people to mingle with!
The Branch Presidency in Lodz:  President Poludnikiewicz (Center),  his Counselors and Executive Secretaries...Tim, Moosa, Elder Lloyd and Sebastian.
The Primary is always a fun place to be...lessons, games, puzzles....and snacks!
Draman is getting better and better on the piano .... a great skill to have when getting ready to go on a mission.
Irena being helped home by one of our great Investigators, Magda. The Lodz Branch is so good to take care of it's members.
Marcin, a new convert, just getting out of an interview with President Nielson. He was baptized in Poznan and recently moved to Lodz.  He is eager and ready to serve.
Dominika ALSO had an interview with the Mission President. Her mission papers are ready to go and will be turned in when President Nielson goes to Frankfurt for a Mission President's Seminar this week. (We will keep you posted where Dominika will be serving.)
Our missionaries serving in the Lodz Branch. (LtoR): Elders Skolmoski and Z. Smith, Sister and Elder Lloyd--our great Senior Couple who helps out with everything!, Elders J. Smith and Jespersen. We love and appreciate these great missionaries who are working so hard striving to bring the people of Lodz to Christ.

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