Thursday, February 14, 2013

A tour of the National Stadium in Warsaw

For 2 1/2 years we have driven by, looked across the river at and have wondered what was inside this stadium where some of the Euro Cup Games were played. When we arrived it was under construction and was completed some time ago.  So on P-day, our Assistants arranged a tour and off we went to find out...
We arrived, and it was cold; but still there was an excitement to see what was inside.  Elders Jensen and Mikolyski were all smiles.
As you walk in, half of the retractable roof was still extended. (It takes 15 minutes for the roof to close.) It was cool to be inside this huge structure, even though I don't know anything about soccer. The field is normally real grass, but since it's winter it has been removed. Where do they keep it?
Underneath the lower stadium seats!  There they keep the grass growing by nourishing it and taking good care of it. Our guide told us that it would be replaced on the field probably at the end of the month, weather permitting.
A view of the stadium from where all the TV and media people sit. 50,000 to 80,000 people can view a soccer game in this structure.
The scoreboard is suspended in the middle of the stadium.  There is another part of this retractable roof that comes out to enclose the entire stadium to keep the rain out.
The stadium camera was on us as we took this picture.  The little white dot in the upper right corner of the screen is President.  He told me it was his white shirt,  but I think its his white hair...
Under the stadium in the players' locker room...a whole other dimension of the tour.  There were a few Polish people on the tour with us and this was by far their favorite place.
The jacuzzi room for 12 players...not a lot of privacy but good for bodies that ache!  Oh well...
The "bench" for the players not in the game.  These benches are on rollers so that during games these portable chairs can be placed outside.  They are covered to protect the players from the elements.  They are pretty comfortable chairs.  I would worry that someone would fall asleep if you sat here too long...thats just me.
There is also a chapel (!) under the stadium. It was build to be a non-demoninational church where any religion would feel at home worshipping. It has a pulpit and a table... this would be a perfect location for Warsaw III Branch.  Plenty of parking outside, easy tram and bus access.  Plus it has plenty of large classroom space and a play ground!   :)
This is one of the VIP lounges.  (Or perhaps the Branch President's office, or even better, the YSA Center.)
On the playing field.  We were trying to figure out how to lay this out for baseball or football.  It's a large enough field that you could do about anything here.
After touring this magnificent structure, we will never look at it again without remembering how incredible it is inside. It was designed to look like a weaved basket--symbolic since the area it was built on was at one time a "Farmer's Market". (View of the National Stadium at night from across the Wisla.)

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  1. Thank you sooo much for this update on the stadium. I served most of my mission na Pradze and drove past the old bazar way too many times and one day hope to see this stadium in it's place. You mentioned a place for a Warsaw III branch, is that close to fruition or already in existence?


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