Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The rest of the Polish statue story...

Wood carvings are a popular souvenir to bring home from Poland. I figured that my life would not be complete until I found just the right one. After some investigating, I came across Marion Ulc...a well-known Polish wood sculptor...and loved his work.
Marion lives in a tiny village close to the city of Kielce where we have a Branch of the Church. He has been a wood sculptor for over 40 years and has had no formal art training. Here we met in his wood shop to talk about a special piece I wanted him to make for me. His son (black shirt) was kind enough to meet us there and translate.
This well-worn seat that had been used by Marion's father to make a living producing wood shingles has also been used by his talented son since his teens.
Marion has spent hundreds of hours creating his beautiful religious works of art.
Showing how these works of art take shape....starting with a block of wood and a pencil.
A piece, that is in the painting process, depicting the nativity. 
I was facsinated by Marion's paint bench.
A closer look and you can see the years and years of built-up paint ... which is in itself a work of art!
Let's get back to the story of MY 'vision' that I have come to ask Marion to create for me.
The beginnings of a Polish farmer with a bundle of wheat.  I asked Marion to create a man with a sickle  harvesting his wheat and carrying a copy of the Book of Mormon.  This represents a missionary teaching the gospel. (Section 4 in the Doctrine and Covenants)
The statue continues to take shape. Above, it is in the painting process. One thing that distinguishes pieces made by Mr. Ulc is the beeswax finish he gives all his creations.
Picking up my statue. I was thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you, Marion, for sharing your God-given talent with us!
Wrapping up the statue, getting it ready to take back to the Mission Home.
Finding the perfect spot for my statue...."the field is white already to harvest"! This is actually the second wooden statue to be placed in the Mission Home. Do you remember the first?  President found Antoni, his wood sculptor, who lives in the forest by Bydgoszcz.  He made the same request as I did.  Describing a man with a sickle, harvesting the wheat and carrying a copy of the Book of Mormon.
President Nielson's birthday party....September 2012. 'Marcin the Missionary' was the birthday surprise....compliments of 2 great Assistants, Elders Basha and Jensen. (You will have to check older blog posts to get the full story of this unique statue.)
It took many Elders to move Marcin to his new place in the Mission Home! But Marcin came with a few surprises......
Several weeks later, we had to cover him with plastic as we replaced the windows in the Mission Home. When we removed the plastic....We found we had our own private 'mushroom farm'!  They actually grew to be about twice this size...
Mushrooms were growing out of Marcin ... everywhere! 
My statue looks better and better each time I walk past it. I can't wait to take 'Marion' home and place it in a perfect spot in our house in Las Vegas.     (President Nielson isn't talking about his!)

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  1. I am of Polish descent and would love to get a nativity sculpture from Marian Ulc! Do you know any way to get in contact with him. Do you have any idea how much he charges. I relate to your experience. My husband served as mission president in Panama from 2013-2016 and I commissioned some molas with church themes, there. Thanks for your help!


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