Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our departing Missionaries leave for home....:(

After seeing our new missionaries off this morning to their new cities and with their new trainers, we were ready this afternoon for our departing missionaries to arrive.  We took them to Saski Park to the spot where President Kimball dedicated Poland for the Preaching of the Gospel. It is still hard to believe that Sisters Sheahan and Forsey along with Elders Rogers, Jensen and Gladun are going home-  We just met them last week when they arrived...(or so it seems!)
First to participate in 'leaving something behind' for all of us to remember him was Elder Gladun. 
Elder Rogers was next.....
...and he was followed by one of our Assistants, Elder Jensen.
Sister Sheahan left behind a piece of a much worn scarf.... did Sister Forsey.
ALL these Missionaries will be greatly missed.They have contributed so much to the mission and have helped pass on 'righteous traditions' of the Poland Warsaw Mission.  We love them all so very much.
As I was cleaning up the kitchen, Elder Jensen walked in and said...."Can I take out the trash for you, Sister Nielson?" ...a phrase I had heard him say so many times. As a former Assistant, this good Elder had made his share of trips to the trash bin! I HAD to take a picture of his last trip.
At the airport the next morning...5:00am. As you can see, it was calm and quiet. We said our 'good-byes' to this great group of Missionaries whom we will love and care about throughout eternity. (That's just what happens in this calling!) We wish you all the best...Keep the mission in your prayers. Once a missionary always a missionary.   Elders Gladun, Rogers, Jensen; Sisters Forsey and Sheahan.  This was a rather uneventful trip to the airport.  Things went smoothly.  As we drove back to the mission home we told Elder Gladun of the many episodes of our airport experiences and how there is always something funny or memorable with each trip.  But not much this morning.
President, myself and Elder Gladun walked into the Mission Home when we received a phone call from the airport...
...someone had forgotten their suit coat in the closet downstairs. So...It was back to the airport to deliver the goods!  Probably the fastest trip to the airport that we have made.  A security guard was waiting for us and whisk the coat through security to an awaiting Elder.
Why is Elder Gladun still with us?
A few hours later, his mom and the rest of his family arrived at the Mission Home from Lublin, Poland, where Elder Gladun is from.
It was wonderful to spend a few hours with this great, Mikolaj, Grandparents and parents. Elder Gladun is the first in his family to serve a full-time mission for the Lord...and won't be the last.
A special surprise....Elder Gladun's grandfather is an artist and had painted this famous Palace in Lublin for us. It is a beautiful painting, and we feel honored to accept it. We spent some time with Elder Gladun that was a perfect finish to a wonderful mission.  How fast two years will fly but how permanent the changes in a missionaries life can be.  One of the truly amazing things in the mission field is the watch how young missionaries arrive (bewildered, scared, afraid, unsure of themselves, etc...) and see them change and how great they become.  I just wish everyone young man would go on a mission.  Not for selfish reasons but to serve the Lord.  When they do that, the miracles and the mighty change of heart occurs.  They become what the Lord knows they can be.
Another wonderful morning in the mission home...
Now its time to get ready for our weekend in Lodz.  President says we leave in two hours and that usually means one hour and forty-five minutes so I close with-  I love this Church, I love the great members in Poland, I love the Lord and I love all of my missionaries.

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