Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our New YSA Couple Arrives! Feb 5-6, 2013

More changes in the mission.  Elder and Sister Jensen are coming to Poland.  They received their calls and had just weeks to prepare but are excited to join us in the Poland Warsaw Mission.
Sister Jensen arrives and doesn't look like she has been on a long flight.  She is ready to go and anxious to serve.
Elder Jensen was released as a stake president  two weeks before they entered the MTC.  I don't think they wanted anytime to be wasted before coming out on a mission to serve the Lord.
What a great Senior Couple to have in Poland.  We welcome them and feel the love they have for these special people.  They brought with them the warmth of the gospel and great smiles of having the gospel in our lives.
The 'Jensen reunion'.  Elder and Sister Jensen, from Alpine, Utah, on the left have been serving with the YSA's in Warsaw.  They have done such a tremendous work there.  They are departing for home next week and their new replacements are-- Elder and Sister Jensen from Orem, Utah.  Our YSA's are in great hands and will be well served.  The tradition of having great Senior Couple Missionaries in Poland continues.
The first night at the YSA Center, the Young Single Adults welcome in the new Elder and Sister Jensen.  We enjoyed hearing from our new Missionaries, having a great lesson and...
...enjoying pancakes and each other's company.  What a special feeling there is in our YSA's.  They care for each other and live the gospel.  Great things will be brought about and keep happening.  These young people are so great.  The growth that each of them has made in just the past few months is incredible.  They are solid in the gospel and each have a remarkable testimony the Savior.  They come to Institute and Church to be around each other but more importantly because the are converted continually.
Marta, our YSA representative, is "breaking" Elder Jensen in on all the wonderful things planned at the YSA center.  It is a perfect fit.  The YSAs love the departing Jensens as also the arriving Jensens.  A great night for everyone.

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