Friday, February 8, 2013

FAT Thursday! 1st Thursday of February!

FAT THURSDAY...a traditional Polish feast marking the last Thursday before Lent. It is a day dedicated to eating large quantities of sweets....the most popular being 'paczki' (fist-sized donuts filled with fruit jam). At times, missionaries want to challenge one another as to who can eat the most "paczki".  I think this has been going on for many years.  One of those 'traditions of the fathers'. We had some Elders who were up to the task.
Elder Saltmarsh with his own box of 
...was battling it out with Elders Dopp and Van Bakel and their own assortments. (Thank heavens paczki is very cheap on Fat Thursday!)  Elder Dopp consumed 21...
... but the mission "paczki" far as we know.....are Elders Van Bakel and Saltmarsh who each ate 36.  They wanted the combined goal of 72-  just like another real goal we have in the mission.  (Although as Elder Van Bakel was calling me with the results, he ate another putting him at 37! and going above their goal) 
By the way, I was NOT taking sick calls today for paczki eaters. If it was self-inflicted, they were on their own! How can you not love these young Missionaries?? They sometimes are 'kids' at heart....but they are the chosen vessels the Lord is using to spread His gospel to the world! I love my missionaries...every one of them!

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  1. Original "pączek" is filled with rose confiture. Fruit jam is a cheaper version ;-)


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