Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The Tuesday morning following Zone Leader Council, Zone Training is held around the mission.  This takes the place of District Meeting.  This meeting is where the Zone Leaders teach and train what they learned in their Council meeting. 
Today was a gorgeous day in Warsaw.  Walking briskly to the Wolska Chapel were Elders Vernon and Saltmarsh.  Just out of view were Elders Manwill, Baranowski, Sisters Sheahan and Allen.  All ready to participate and learn.
We arrived and most everyone was early and eager to hear what they need for another great week of serving a mission.
Zone Training in Warsaw consists of the Warsaw I and II Districts.   Sisters Allen and Sheahan (Warsaw I), Elders Walter and Register (Office Elders), Kotter and Wilson (Warsaw II) and Sisters Packard and Young (Warsaw II).  Back row-  Elders Pofelski and Rogers (Bialystok), Baranowski and Manwill (Warsaw I), Van Bakel (Zone Leader), Rittmanic (Lublin), Dopp (Zone Leader), Peacock (Lublin), Vernon and Saltmarsh (Warsaw I).
As soon as this meeting finished, we dashed to the bank to add Elder Hutchinson to our signature cards on our Mission account.  Elder Peck, in the back, will be heading for home in a few weeks; and Elder Hutchinson will be his replacement.  Sister Jarosz was there for translation and to make sure everything went perfect.  We love Sister Jarosz and all she does to help the Church, members, missionaries and the Nielsons!
After this, it was off to the airport to greet our newest Senior Couple...  Elder and Sister Carl Jensen.
More to come tomorrow...

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