Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another FIRST for me in Poland!

It's transfer week. You would think that after living through all the previous transfer weeks I would be able to face them calmly. WRONG! I always start getting nervous and start worrying about food, bedding, etc. As I was running around the house making sure that we had enough towels in all the places we were going to house missionaries...I ended up on the couch looking like this!
How did this happen?  Yes this is a bag of frozen peas, but not for a headache.
 The culprit! Yes, upstairs in the sister's room is a very strategically placed wood post...It is right in the middle of where you would walk. I have ALMOST bumped into it at least a  hundred times....and tonight it got me!
The first day I got up and thought....."I don't look so bad...maybe our new missionaries won't even notice!" 
 It looks like I just got carried away with some new eye shadow.  Not bad for my very first black eye!
 The second day I got up......Hummmmmmmmm.
 What do you think? Will anyone notice? The big question is will it be gone by next week when we go to our Mission President's Seminar in Frankfurt? And what became of the pole? Well....I really wanted to just cut it down but fearing the roof of the Mission Home would cave in, I settled for this.
 "DANGER"! This meager sign will have to do until I can buy some safety reflectors and nail them to the pole!  I do know that Heavenly Father was blessing me, though. I could have easily wound up in the emergency room  getting stitches. He looks after his missionaries which I have witnessed time and time again. You have to love mission life! I do!   (President is getting some strange looks after people see my eye...)


  1. Sister Nielson, I am always amazed at how much you accomplish. Be careful not to run so fast that your guardian angel cannot keep up with you :)

  2. Hi Judi! Sorry, but Mont and I had a good laugh at this! You are just like me - and this was a good warning for me! I am going around like crazy preparing for Michele's wedding and something like that is going to happen to me I am sure. I already ran into the missionaries car with my car! (They live in our basement!) I am really glad you didn't end up with stitches! Slow down lady!!

  3. Oh Judi, you mentioned your black eye in your email, and I was wondering what happened, but never imagined this one!! Maybe you need rotating flashing red lights with a siren instead of just reflectors! Stay safe my friend!!


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