Monday, February 18, 2013

Mission District Conference held in Bydgoszcz... a busy and Wonderful weekend!

The Poland Warsaw Mission District consists of the branches in Gdansk and Szczecin.  If you know Poland, you know that these two cities are at the edge of the country and far apart.  We decided that these two wonderful branches needed to enjoy a District Conference.  What better place to have a conference, training and instruction than the middle point, Bydgoszcz,  and with the great members there.
In front of the Bydgoszcz Chapel our 'helpers' arrived in the Mission Van.  We called in some of our wonderful Warsaw District Leaders to help us with this Mission District Conference....Magda (Family History Specialist), Gosia (District Relief Society President), Jackie (District RS Counselor) and Iwona (District Young Women President). 
Some of the great members from the Gdansk Branch as well as...
...some of the wonderful Saints from the Szczecin Branch.
The Saturday afternoon training started with an overview of Family History.  We had over 50 in attendance at the Saturday conference.  The wonderful members of the Bydgoszcz Branch helped us make this possible.
Magda trained everyone with her Power Point presentation and steps for getting names ready for temple use.  After this session, the Relief Society went to one classroom while the Priesthood remained in the chapel for their instructions.
The Sisters who were in attendance learned the benefits of  Relief Society and how it works in small branches. They also learned how to be better teachers and teach from the Liahona, our church magazine.  Gosia and Jackie did a great job of inspiring these Sisters.
You don't have a conference in Poland without making sure you have great translators. Thank you, Ewa, for doing a great job for the Sisters!
President got some help from Elder Gladun in translations for his Priesthood training.  This was Elder Gladun's last Sunday before his release.  He will return to Lublin and continue to strengthen the Church in Poland.
The next morning, we were at the church early making lunches for our members who had long train rides home.  Gosia, Iwona, Jackie, Kelly and Kornelia....thank you so very much for pitching in and helping with everything.
One of my dear Polish friends grabbed my camera and started playing 'me' other words, taking pictures of everyone doing everything! So.....I decided to play 'her'!  She loves to hide when I pull out my camera. 'She' will remain nameless, but 'she' knows who 'she' is! (And 'she' knows I love her!)
One of the great families in the Bydgoszcz Branch.  The Zelewski family, what great Saints they are. (Sebastian and Octavia were married last fall....and a new baby is on the way! Congratulations!)
Another great family that adds so greatly to the Bydgoszcz Branch is the Kagele family.  They do so much for the missionaries, the Church and members.  We love and appreciate them.
The Skurzynskis have added a member to their great family...Kristian is just over a year old and loves all the love he gets from all his new 'brothers and sisters'.
 These kids are growing up! Ola has taught Adam many new tricks....including how to walk! It's always great to see them! 
Marek and Renata got married a few months ago. They are very happy!
Now....back to the Mission District Conference. President Nielson wanted the members of the Gdansk and Szczecin Branches to see how our larger Branches conduct and instruct in their Sunday meetings. It was a great learning experience for everyone.
For our Priesthood meeting we had a room full of Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood holders.  Don't they all just look great!
The Aaronic Priesthood was in full swing Sunday morning.  They took care of everything.  With no adults helping out, these great young men knew their duties and were eager to fulfill their assignments.
Members of the Deacons and Teachers Quorums in Bydgoszcz.  Aren't these a great looking group of young men?  On time, happy and bright. And the big question is...
Who wants to serve a full-time mission?   They all do!
Relief Society meeting was just as wonderful.  Kornelia presented a fantastic lesson and everyone learned so much and felt the spirit.
A big THANK YOU to the Bydgoszcz  Branch Presidency:  Brother Kagele, President Zalewski and Brother Skurzynski for helping us with the Mission District Conference. Great men and leaders.
And what about our Missionaries serving in the Bydgoszcz District?
The outstanding missionaries serving in Bydgoszcz... Elders Raines, Dodge, Gudnason and Tiner.  Transfers are coming up; and after this picture, President visited with each one.  Two of the four will be transferring to other cities.
Elders Dodge and Raines receiving packages from home.  These two  receive as many packages as anyone in the mission.  Their apartment was also inspected Friday night, and it was spotless.  They also achieved the Standard of Excellence with all that was going on this busy week.  They were short on referrals the last couple of days; but with all the members coming to the conference, many pitched in and helped them receive people to go and contact.
The Zone Leaders in Bydgoszcz, Elders Gudnason and Tiner.  They also had apartment inspections and theirs was spotless as well...except for the Christmas tree in February!  These Elders are great leaders in the Zone and outstanding missionaries.
What a wonderful weekend! There is such strength when so many of our great members gather together.  The feeling was similar to the spirit we felt one year ago at our larger conference we held in Warsaw.
We thank all those that participated, traveled and assisted.  I love this Church and the gospel it teaches. We help each other, and the Lord blesses us with His spirit.

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  1. It was very fun and interesting. I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate in this conference. :) Greetings from Gdansk. :)


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