Friday, October 7, 2011

Zone Leader Council Oct 7, 2011

The first Thursday or Friday of the month is Zone Leader Council. The Zone Leaders from Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and Katowice all come to the Mission Office, and we start at 11:00am. Most of the time, the train is late or off schedule coming from Katowice. Today was no exception, and we started at 11:40am. We spent the morning reviewing goals, concerns, observations and re-training points that will help the mission stay on target.
As assigned, each companionship taught a couple of points from Preach My Gospel, chaper 9- FINDING. Here Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard finish up on few details before its their turn, as are Elders Lundin and Murphey.
As part of an object lesson, Elder Sorn had Elder Dabrowski, who was blind folded, seach for an object as all the others voiced their directions. Elder Dabrowski was trying to decide which voice to follow. It was a hit with the Zone Leaders.
As a follow up to the lesson, Elder Sorn and Myler explain why listening to the Spirit is the only way missionaries can do the Lord's work.
Elders Dabrowski, Hillyard, Murphey, Lundin, Myler, Sorn, Siebert, and Curtis all adjourned the meeting at 4:45pm for the mad rush to the train station through the Warsaw traffic. It was good-bye to this group and they celebrated the day with their favorite juices, packages they received from home and the new Mission DVD players with the District I and District II DVD's. Great meeting, great training and amazing Zone Leaders. I love this Church and My missionaries.

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