Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warsaw District Conference October 15-16.

District Conference weekend---an exciting weekend for the members of the church in the Warsaw District. It was great to meet together, visit and be edified.
The conference started with leadership meetings for the women and the priesthood on Saturday at 1:00 pm. In the women's leadership meeting, leaders of our Relief Societies, Young Womens and Primaries met to receive instruction. Shown with our 'stones of faith' are Wioletta (translator), Me-spoke on the purposes of Relief Society and how to implement them in our branches, Sister Tarasevich-spoke on the importance of Visiting Teaching (and how to do it!), and Malgorzata who spoke on 'stones of faith' needed to lead and bless our lives.
Leaders in the Relief Societies and Primaries in the District: Irena (Lodz), Monika and Sylwia(Warsaw), Wioletta (Lodz), Anja, Karina, Beata (Warsaw), Zosia, Sister Tarasevich, Mirka (Lodz), Malgorzata (Warsaw District Relief Society President), and Sister Richards (Poznan). We had a great meeting!
Some of the wonderful members from the Bydgoszcz branch- besides Ewa and Andrzej are Lech, Renata and her son Adam and Marek.
From Bialystok, President Libert and Krzystof. It was great to see these wonderful men.

The Branch Presidents in the Warsaw District- Elder Richards (Poznan), President Zielonka (Warsaw l), President Libert (Bialystok), Elder Tarasevich (Lodz), President Mecham (Lublin) and President Staples (Warsaw ll). Not pictured but is greatly appreciated is President Michael Isaac (Bydgoszcz). To these wonderful men....we are so grateful for your service!
Jerzy, a new convert and newly ordained Elder, from Warsaw ll helped with everything during the weekend. He is currently the Branch Mission Leader in his branch.
President Zielonka and Blazej enjoying a quick bite to eat during the afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday. Blazej is a deacon in Warsaw l----and has an appetite of a Missionary!

Some of our beautiful YSA's and Sister Missionaries! Ewa, Dorota, Kasia, Marta, Sisters Mann, Ellis, Leppanen and McAdams.

Before being transferred to Lodz, Sister Tarasevich served with her husband in Bydgoszcz where she and Ewa became good friends. Ewa is doing a wonderful job as "Webmaster" for --- the church website here in Poland. Sunday morning before District Conference was one of the best meeting we held. The youth (ages 12-18 yrs) met and had a wonderful hour together. (L to R): Sara, Maja, Bailey, Agnieszka, Grace, Maja, Hanna, Karolina, Jake, Blazej, and Kai.

The Warsaw ll Choir sang at District Conference. It was second only to the Tabernacle Choir. It was absolutley fabulous! We can't say enough about how great they sounded. A huge 'thank you' for your talents and music.

Members from Lublin: the Mechams and Cody and Jasmine. Thank you for attending and being such great members of the Church.
Two men that were ordained Elders in the Conference were Lech and Jerzy. Andrzej and Robert ordained them and it was wonderful to witness this. In the conference, all new converts in the last 6 months were presented white corsages, as Jerzy has on. We are so blessed by these new members of the Church and the spirit they add. Thank you so much for your testimonies and for being valiant.

The Warsaw District Presidency. President Dresler with counselors President Armstrong and President Poludnikiewicz along with their family members. What a wonderful group of great leaders and members
I have great Visiting Teachers and we were able to enjoy a minute after the conference session on Sunday. Thank you, Susan and Beata...I look forward to your visits!
Dominik and Alex. Both are great YSA's in the Church and doing wonderful things. Both are working and serving hard. Mission papers are just around the corner for both of them. Now, how great is that!!! These two WILL BE great missionaries for the Lord and the Church.

Nasa, Agnieszka and Rafal after the Sunday session. Rafal spoke and gave a wonderful message. (Agnieszka and Rafal's baby is coming soon!)

Brother and Sister Neto from the Warsaw ll branch. Great faithful Saints in Poland.

Sister Pritchett, with her parents and sister, made it back from a quick tour around Poland to attend conference. A great family, and they are always welcome here in Poland.

President Jagard (Mission Presidency) and Anja. He spoke on Saturday evening and today they both had a great time---after the conference.

The church is small wherever you go. Michol is here with his family working in Warsaw. He came from Salt Lake City, where he has a good friend, Gordie, that just happens to be my cousin! Small world!

Like I said, the District Conference was indeed wonderful. The chapel and cultural hall were full of members, investigators, and the spirit. It was a great week-end! I love this church, and I love serving in this great country! The church is true....never forget it!

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